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"One day you asked me: What is more important, belief or love or hope?
Today I say to you: Nothing at last. It's all the same, for they are all one."

April 1st. April Fools Day or according to the old Julian Calendar, New Year's Day. I’m happy to say that I was neither on the receiving or giving end of any pranks. Of this I am happy about.

Today I accompanied Kiyan and a friend of his, whose name escapes me at the moment, to the Emerald City ComiCon for a day of unabashed geekery. I meandered up and down isles and isles of comic laden boxes and toys of all makes and nationalities. Even Darth Vader and a squad of Storm Troopers were spied patrolling. I had never been to any sort of ‘Con before so this was a lot of fun and my suspicions were confirmed, one can spend entirely too much money at one of these things. Let’s hear it for willpower; Yay! Go willpower!

Most of this weekend has consisted of ample amounts of downtime in which much time was spent in the company of Wesley, Gunn, Cordelia, ”Fred”, Lorne and Angel. Taking a break from those friends, we watched “Tideland” which was a good movie though very disturbing. Certain scenes were more difficult than others of course only because they hit a bit close to home, though they did spark some good conversations between my beloved and I.

In-between lengthy bouts of television watching, I did my duties as Cylab manager by shooting off emails to begin scheduling a Fall tour for the East Coast in order to get out there to support the remix album. Of course if all goes well, “Disseminate” should be released before the Fall, more like the beginning of Summer. I’m still trying to shop it around to labels but it’s looking like its going to be another self-release. One would think that with the caliber of artists associated with this release, getting label interest wouldn’t be as difficult as it’s proving to be. Anyway, as the tour goes, there’s one confirmed date in October.

Closer to home, it looks like I’ll be changing residencies from the Blacklight at the C.H.A.C. to Neighbours just more or less down the street. Richard, the promoter who enlists my DJing services, has relocated his promotion. So for those of you who come out in support of him or I, please take note that we’ll be at Neighbours and not Blacklight from April 13th on; different venue, same great vibe and music (depending on tastes of course).

Oh. I finally sat my butt down and did my taxes. Nothing like almost last minute, eh? And unless I did something colossally wrong on my part, which might be probable since I’m terrible at the maths, I’ll be getting a fairly sizeable sum in return. I’m fairly certain that I calculated and followed instructions correctly. Though of course I did change my claiming status last year and didn’t work the full year so…

…and in 30 days I’ll never be able to claim “single” on my taxes again. Heh. I am close to bursting with excitement. Well, on second thought...I go burst now.


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