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June 2012
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Lynn [userpic]
Three Doodles and a Drabble

U-um.... I finished a couple doodles for the Robins DC Band!AU, which is super-special-awesome, and I love it.

(And while I doubt if there's anyone reading this journal, that they do not know this already, but the website is http://therobins.kirax2.org/ and you should check it out, because it is filled with amazingness.)



The basic idea was... uh, playing dress up for the Lady Gaga concert.(while maybe not a decided outfit for the actual concert, plausibly playing while inspired?) I kinda was playing with weird.... but apparently my creative-clothes-designing skills... involve chaps and a corset...


I'm not entirely sure where this one came from, but it was really, super fun, and once it popped into my head, it wouldn't leave until I was finished. (The alternate, which refused to actually be drawn... at all *tried* involved the 'over the shoulder like a sack of potatoes' pose, Steph brandishing drumsticks, with the title 'Drum Solo'. But it hated me. A lot.)
But, I'm actually really pleased with this one... *hadn't quite realised how much she loves drawing Steph and Jason 'til now*


"If you're wondering why Tim and I are wearing Banana-suits, it's because we lost a bet."

I really, really love The Robins In Chicago by alexiel_neesan. And the instant I read that line, I knew I had to draw Dick and Tim in Banana-suits. I love the whole thing, fic, art, everything. I adore it. But the line embedded until I drew them in fragging banana-suits!!
So, um.... I did! I... uh... hope you don't mind? *will delete this post-haste, if so*


Title: You're It
Characters: Steph, Tim and a pinch of Jason
Fandom: DCU: Band!AU
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Totally not makin' anything off this. I swears.
Author’s notes: Uhm... this? Is a really good example of why I draw. *cough* um... spawned from wanting to infuse some happy into Tim... and watching Parkour videos... um, it's unbeta'd... so... all mistakes are... totally my bad. Sorry... (seriously, really short, not very good...>.>)

It was a lazy, kind of boring, free time afternoon. Steph had convinced Tim to go shopping with her (which mostly involved “hey, I’m bored, wanna go wander around?”) and, while they had yet to find much worth buying, save for some crepes, which were pretty tasty, it had, at least, been an adventure in “Super-Sexy Stealth Mode”, as Steph had put it. This essentially meant they got to experiment in old identity creating skills, which had ‘Alvin’ lulled into a bit of a nostalgic daze.

That is, until his companion punched him in the arm and shouted “You’re it!” before running off.

His feet started moving before he even fully decided that he was going to follow, she was leaping, climbing and generally sprawling her way up, over, under, or through any obstacle, using skills none of them had really used in a long, long while. His body gave slight resistance as he followed, he was a bit ashamed of how rusty he had become, but swiftly the ache gave way to a pounding heart, a rush of adrenaline and a grin that he just couldn’t quite suppress.

He was getting a little out of breath; he was ashamed to admit, when he managed to about catch up with his blond quarry. Though when he finally caught her he noted her face was flushed, and she was breathing near as hard as he was, though her eyes were practically dancing with delight.

“No tag backs.” She grinned, pure mischief written all over her features.

A rather sceptical look crept itself across Tim’s face, eyebrow arched sharply in a way that reminded Steph instantly of Alfred and made her giggle. She nodded her head quickly across the street, and watched as realisation and then mischief worked itself onto his features as well.

Jason was also in “Super-Sexy Stealth Mode”, but that never really worked with family. When Tim snuck up on him and punched his arm, he spun around with a look that screamed murder, only pausing when he noticed who it was, and the smile on his face.

“Tag. You’re it.”

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Current Music: Long Shot -- Katy Perry

The first pic is just awesome, and I adore the second one! Jason holding Steph upside-down is just too funny and cute for words!

Then I scrolled down and OMG LAUGHED SO HARD! YOU DREW THE BANANA SUITS OMG!!! WONDERFUL! Tim's expression! *giggles madly* They're perfect!

Plus your ficlet is pure delight! I really hope you keep writing, if this is any example. ^_^ May I put the pictures up on the webpage? If it's okay, I will when I get home from work today (do remind me if I forget, too - I've been rather busy of late. ^^;)

Jay and Steph are... ridiculously fun to draw. I didn't even realise it, and now I'm a little addicted.

*giggles* they would not leave my head. They just... sorta... ate at my brain until I drew them. Thank you, so much.

Aww, that's real sweet of you, thank you for the encouragement!

You may absolutely put them up. Of course! Thank you so much!

... YOU DREW THE BANANA-SUITS! DO you accept tackle-hugs? Because I very much feel the need to tackle hug you. (much thank you-s :D, I'm so happy you like The Robins in Chicago)

I-I do, indeed, accept tackle-hugs? I'm very, very glad you like them!! I really, really enjoyed Robins In Chicago! it was fantastic! ^^

Heee. Awww, Stephie with Gaga-esque make up. And, oooh! I really like the Jason and Steph one. Cool pose. <3

Thank you so much! I had a bunch of fun with them ^^

Oh that is GOLD! I love the look on Tim’s face in the banana suit! And Steph over Jason’s shoulder! That’s so ace! That’s going up on my wall!

And the drabble is just perfect! I can almost see Steph’s grin as she leaps over thingsand dodges.

I love you! So much!

*beat red* aw, geez, thank you so much, I'm glad you like them!! Thank you!

I'm glad you like the drabble! *doesn't write very often, so she was nervous*

G-gosh... *blushs*

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Aww, thank you so much!! I hope to get a little colour into at least the Jay and Steph pic (provided I don't mess it all up in the inking process) but if you would like to fiddle with any of them, please, feel free! Just, give me a link, if you do, so I can see it! *^^*

I love your pencils and I too want to print them out and color them. I think your Jason and Steph is way kewl and you just know Jay would do this in a New York Second.
And don't beat yourself up about your writing. It was a pleasure to read and left a smile on my face "watching" Tim, Steph and Jay play for a while. Loved the line about Jay's Super-Sexy Stealth Mode not working on family =D
After a hard day of Case Management a fic like this is like a cool glass of water w/ a smile
Thank you for sharing

Oh, gosh *blushes* that's super sweet of you! I-If you'd really like to you can? *blush* Thank you! I had a bunch of fun with that pose, it just looked so fun, and so... them. ^^;

Aw, thank you so much, that's really nice to here, I'm glad it could give you a smile ^^, thank you so much for such an encouraging comment!(Family knows how you move, Jay. How you stand, how you walk, and likely also how you smell. *giggles*)

YAY!!! YOU GAVE STEPH A GIBSON!!! Her hair looks INCREDIBLE!! I also love how you draw hands :3

Tee! Banana suits- oh, shenanigans XD

I love your art! <33333333

I... totally did a google image search for the Guitar you used in your pictures. =D;;; (All of my knowledge of Guitars comes from... like... Rock Band... as is probably made evident by Steph's hands being in all the wrong places *shame*) Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me, as if I did not have a good eraser, hands would end up being not much more than smudges.

*blushes so much* Thank you so, so much.

I love that you draw Steph quite muscled, she did run around on rooftops for a few years, so it makes sense that she'd have decent muscles. And the expression on her face in the second picture is priceless. As is Tim's in the third image, SO UNIMPRESSED.

All the drawings are awesome. And the fic is wonderful! It's good to see the lighter side of the band, and I can so imagine Steph causing havoc by deciding to play tag/parkour.

I'm glad you decided to come play in this AU!

Thanks! I pretty much figured, a normal human, with the strength Steph has, should be muscular. ^^ Thank you. Indeed, very unimpressed.

Aw, thank you so much! ^^