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Title: Take A Stand
Characters: Conner Kent, James Kent, Jon Kent II, Matt Kent, Martha Kent, Clark Kent
Warnings: Clark being a dick, language
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the Kent family, or anything to do with the Superman family, however the take on the three clones from the last arc of pre-boot Teen Titans is something I came up with.
Summary: Based on schizoauthoress's prompt of "The one time Jon fought back:, also, huge thanks to zir for betaing it also! =D

For once...Collapse )

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So, uh... I kinda realised I haven't really uploaded any pictures in a while, so.... well, I upload most of them on tumblr, but... well, here, I'll post some of my pictures from my AU where the Match clones weren't killed in Teen Titans issue 100. =3

AU Art Time! XD;;Collapse )

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Title: Glitter Bomb
Characters: Conner Kent, James Kent, Jon Kent II, Matt Kent, Martha Kent
Warnings: References to heterosexist behaviour, language
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the Kent family, or anything to do with the Superman family, however the take on the three clones from the last arc of pre-boot Teen Titans is something I came up with.
Summary: Glitter sticks to everything.

And I mean EVERYTHINGCollapse )

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Title: First Day
Characters: Conner Kent, James Kent, Jon Kent II, Matt Kent
Warnings: Fluff, maybe a bit of language?
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own the Kent family, or anything to do with the Superman family, however the take on the three clones from the last arc of pre-boot Teen Titans is something I came up with.
Summary: The Kent family prepares for the new clones'; first day of high school. Major love to schizoauthoress for beta-ing this for me! =D

Oh, hey... uh, been a while, huh?Collapse )

....haha oh god I've been neglecting this place for tumblr so bad (except for RP...).

So, um... Life update! I got an injection on Wednesday in my hip to alleviate the joint pain, thus far it's been really successful, and that is fucking huge.

Like, now able to stand, walk, move, sit, sleep... everything, properly. I mean I'm still sore, there's a muscular aspect to it, not being able to do things for so long's left me on the weaker side, but... that's solvable.

So, uh... happy flail of joy, dude.

And also two days 'til my birthday. 23... oh god how did that happen??? Wasn't I supposed to be an adult like five years ago? FFFF--

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Julia tagged me with this;

My colour: Sunshine Yellow
Something this colour: Most of Kid Flash's costume.
Animal this colour: Canary
A drink this colour: Amp Lightning (Real lightning!)
Character this colour: Sunstreaker!

Now you comment if you want to and I give you a color. Then you pass it on.

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Half asleep at three o'clock in the morning, I am watching internet things and trying to catch some Z's.



Dear Internet Reviewers;

Carly and Mikaela are not, at all the same character.

Is this a petty gripe? Probably. But I'm half asleep and I'm not gonna get to pass out until I have suitably ranted on this topic.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is not Megan Fox, have all the issues you may like with Megan Fox, her acting may not be the greatest, she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, whatever.

Mikaela was awesome. Throughout the first and second movie Sam was more the damsel in distress than she was. Frenzy attacked? Sam ran around screaming and flailing, Mikaela went and got a saw to cut his head off. She drove Bumblebee back into a battle zone rather than running away. One of her major character traits is that she is loyal, to the point where she allows it to be detrimental to herself (in that admittedly clumsy scene where she explains her record). Robot poses as a girl and rampages through the school? Hit it with a car until it's dead.

Yes, the movie tried to make her eye candy. But I always felt she was the character I could best relate to? I mean, I wasn't about to related to Richboy Douchebag is mad 'cause his dad won't by him a fancy expensive car. Mikaela lived in a smaller house, and was at least capable of admitting liking hot guys was a little bit shallow. (Where as Sam liking her isn't at all shallow, despite the fact he knows nothing about her despite that she's really hot. But that's not a bad thing because.... it's totally okay for guys to do that? I don't know...) She had an interest in a male-dominated field and felt a little insecure about it, but is still shown having followed that interest, albeit in a 'look how sexy she is posing with a bike!' kinda way, but still. She went with working as a mechanic after she got out of high school. Which is awesome. (because that's what she wanted to do with her life, I'm not saying she shouldn't have gone to college, I'm saying it's great that she stuck with her interests? I don't know this is probably coming out wrong....)

She's a character. And a good one.

Carly is the chick. I'm constantly baffled by the people saying they just swapped the names and it was totally the same character. Carly's just as well off as Sam's family was, it seems, with her big, fancy loft and ability to support two people casually. She becomes 'harpy girlfriend doesn't get it' when the action starts kicking up, expecting Sam to not help the fight because it's dangerous. They try to hastily backstory it being about a brother who I guess was a soldier who I assume died... It was very vague, and she really made it All About Her, and they didn't try very hard to make it anything but... well, 'Harpy Girlfriend Doesn't Get It.'

When action actually starts she's taken hostage and led around by the arm by some guy. Even in situations where the Decepticons aren't around she waits around like the dutiful hostage waiting to be saved. (even when kidnapped, she just screams 'Sam! Save me!' and makes no attempt to save herself.)

Then as things are blowing up around her she spends the entire time screaming for help and flailing around expecting everyone else to save her.

Scene comparison:

First movie:
Lennox tells Mikaela to run and get out of the battle area.
Her basic response is: I'm not leaving until I can get Bumblebee to safety, too.

Third movie:
Sam tells Carly that it's dangerous and she should run the other way, because they're after him.
Her basic response is: I'm scared! I don't want to run alone! Help me!

Maybe they intended to write Mikaela like this in the third movie... Fine, I could believe that, they're kinda assholes. But, do not act like they're the same character. No, Mikaela wasn't perfect, but for a douchebag action movie? She was a damn good female lead. Carly wasn't. There's a difference.

*end rant about a movie series that's supposed to be about Robots* AND THAT'S NOT EVEN THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG OF SEXISM IN THIS MOVIE.

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Sometimes I have days, when writing or RPing or so on, where I have to remind myself that crouching isn't really difficult and the characters I am writing are capable of getting to a standing position without first bracing on something else.

>>;;; This journal is becoming all about my adventures in back pain, isn't it? It's kinda taken over my life, sorry... @___@

In other news, ridiculously happy about fictional engagements! =D=D=D

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despite going to bed early, I only got about two hours of sleep last night, if that... probably less, because the last time I remember seeing would've been the two hour point, and I was awake for that.

Now I get to go work an eight hour shift...*chugs caffeine and cries*

I'm so tired... I'm sure you all found this extremely interesting... *longs to take a nap*

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.... I am just... not having a good 'associate with people' day. I just... ugh.

It is currently three in the morning (so that probably isn't helping things).

I should go to bed, but then I'll just have to wake up and go to work... so... less inspired to do so.

Haven't accomplished anything today...

I looked up what's apparently wrong with my back... yeeeaahhhh... a lot of the 'treatment' things list it as like 'within the first few months'.

....>> I couldn't get a proper diagnosis out of anyone for seven years. This is apparently a really common thing, and a major problem for people, but...

No one could figure it out? Are my doctors really that fucking incompetent? I know back pain is a common thing... and saying I have lower back pain becomes kinda a.. 'uh huh, so?' thing.. 'cause... well, really... but.

It can get literally crippling. There are days when it takes me ten minutes to walk down the hall, an activity that, on a good day, takes me a couple seconds. It is knee buckling, vision blurring, curl up in a ball and cry pain. This isn't 'roll around a little, you be a'ight' pain. This isn't 'walk it off' pain. This isn't 'well it's probably because you're fat' pain.

....which took seven years of complaining to doctors to get taken seriously.

*is just in a bad mood tonight...*

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