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Rectal Teapot, Yo!

[Semi Slash Colon*]

♠I travel a lot, I hate Jonahs Brothers and I'm not into Twilight either.♠
♠I love cartoons, comics, my cats, my husband, my dog, monsters, and video games♠
♠Feel free to add me as a friend; just introduce yourself via comment♠

♥The Simpsons♥Robot Chicken♥Bravest Warriors♥
♥The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack♥
♥Adventure Time♥Regular Show♥Chowder♥
♥Ren & Stimpy♥Batman: The Brave & The Bold♥
♥Wolverine & The X-Men♥X-Men (1990s)♥
♥South Park♥Rocko's Modern World♥

♥Marvel (X-men, Avengers, Deadpool, etc.)♥Hellblazer♥
♥Vertigo Mysteries♥Fables♥Scott Pilgrim♥
♥American Vampire♥Preacher♥Hellboy♥

♥Haggis♥POTATOES♥Belgian Waffles♥
♥Taramasalata♥Anchovies♥Roosa Manna♥

♥Drinkagraphy!♥Wii♥Nintendo DS♥
♥iPod Touch/iPhone♥PC/MAC♥Command & Conquer♥
♥Age of Empires 3♥Pokemon♥Overlord:Dark Legend♥
♥Scoop!♥Scribblenauts♥Mario Party♥
♥Nintendo 64♥Super NES♥Battle Tanks♥
♥NES♥Super Mario World♥Mario Paint♥
♥PS3♥Fat Princess♥Little Big Planet♥
♥PS Vita♥

♫♪Buzzcocks♪Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers♫
♫Pete Shelley♪Talking Heads♫Tom Tom Club♫
♪Nirvana♫David Bowie♪Brian Eno♪
♪David Byrne♪The Dollyrots♪
♪Roxy Music♫The Beatles♫Beastie Boys♫
♪NWA♫The Ramones♪Sex Pistols♪
♫B-52s♪The Stooges♪Iggy Pop♪

♥Doctor Who♥Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy♥
♥Twin Peaks♥

♥The Mighty Boosh♥QI♥
♥Shooting Stars♥That Mitchell & Webb Look♥
♥The Daily Show♥The Colbert Report♥
♥French & Saunders♥SCTV♥SNL♥

♥Mr. Norrell & Jonathan Strange♥Lolita♥
♥Autobiography of Red♥Graveyard Book♥The Other Hand♥

♠New Democratic Party (CANADA)♠
♠Pro-gay marriage♠Pro-choice♠Religious freedom♠
♠Universal Health-care♠Universal education♠Anti-apartheid♠

♥Cider♥Chai/"Yogi" Tea♥Arizona Iced-Tea♥
♥Irish Cream Liquors♥Hot Choco♥Cocktails♥
♥Mojito♥Margaritas♥Advocaat♥Coffee Liquors♥

♥Ando Hiroshige♥Gustav Klimt♥Vincent Van Gogh♥
♥Pablo Picasso♥Hokusai♥Egon Schiele♥
♥Wassily Kandinsky♥Andy Warhol♥Jean-Michel Basquiat♥
♥Jake & Dinos Chapman♥Murakami♥Jon Burgerman♥
♥Banksy♥Edward Gorey♥Invader(street artist)♥
♥Emil Nolde♥Edvard Munch♥Henri Matisse♥
♥Piet Mondrain♥Roy Lichtenstein♥Art Noveau♥
♥Frida Kahlo♥

Pokemon Sprites @ Doll Clique

10th dimension, 4th dimension, adventure!, age of apocalypse, agent cooper, american dad, amigurumi, animals, animaniacs, art, art nouveau, avengers, b-52's, baron munchausen, biology, black bolt, black lodge, brain in a vat, brian eno, buzzcocks, cartoon network, cartoons, chocolate, comics, crafts, cubism, d.i.y., darwinism, dawn french, decoupage, doctor who, equal rights for all, evolution, fables comics, fat cat philosophy, felt club, feminism, flapjack, folklore, french and saunders, friedrich nietzsche, futurama, good pair of jeans, grafitti, haggis, harvey birdman, hokusai, howl's moving castle, i can has cheezburger?, impressionism, inhumans, ipod touch, jennifer saunders, jon burgerman, jonathan strange, jonathan strange & mr.norrell, killer bob, kitty, license to ill, lolcats, mad libs, magneto, mappy, marvel comics, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, marvin the depressed robot, maximus, metaphysics, mike allred, milkshakes, monsters, mordecai and rigby, mr. norrell, music, neo-expressionism, nickelodeon, nintendo, nintendo ds, no.1 ladies detective agency, nom nom, onology, painting, pastafarian, paul's boutique, philosophy, picasso, pinky and the brain, plato, pokemon, pop culture, potatoes, poutine, printmaking, pro-animal rights, punk, rape an ape, raven king, regular show, robot chicken, robots, science fiction, silk screening, social justice, socrates, south park, steampunk, stencils, stephen colbert, street art, stripy jumpers, super powers, talking heads, teleportation, terry gillian, the cat returns, the colbert report, the daily show, the dollyrots, the oblongs, the ramones, the simpsons, tim burton, time and space, time travel, time trumpet, tom tom club, torchwood, travelling, tss, twin peaks, ukiyo-e, video games, watercolour paints, werewolves, whimsical shit!, wiccan/hulkling, wolverine & the x-men, world of warcraft, x-men, x-men comics, x-statix, xavier, xavier/magneto, zines