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My SemiChamed Life

It's in the water, baby

Oh, mind your own business... (Um, you don't actually care, I promise.)
*smooches*, 3eb, apple cider vinegar, bdf, being a poodle, being clever, being sexually frustrated, beta'ing bad!fic, bill, blue toes, cactus cell phone charms, calling people twats, cape cod, catherine and bethany, ccbl, chihooahooas, clementine, crying, drooling over brian molko, epidemiology, everything organic, fasting, flashing double hearts, golf carts, hand sanitizer, hating, hurting, jack/jody, killing, laughing at inappropriate times, laura's drama, manicures, moco, morgan's sitcom life, ngh, patriots, peeing, pink paper, red sox, smushing moths, snark, stephan jenkins, teeth, torture, tsk, vegemite, yawkey way