Daddy's Little Defect (_sell_my_dreams) wrote,
Daddy's Little Defect

Friday night me and my friend people went to post-anti-Valentines-day-party-dance-thingy. It was great. Nichole couldn't find her ID, so we went to the little liquor store next to the place and bought a nail file, filed Shannon's name off of a temporary Oak Grove ID card, and wrote Nichole's name in. They let us in.

Here's a few pictures.

Shannon and Nichole.

The skirt I made to wear to the party.

Me, Shannon, and Nichole being male style. I know. We're hot.

Obvsiouly fucking Matt.

I swear to God, Shannon has this as her wallpaper.

Gianni, Nichole, Matt, Shannon, and Chris. We were all freak dancing with each other. I bet it was really scary.

*EDIT*:: Chris wasn't freak dancing. He was doing karate. That added to the frightening sight that was our "group."

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