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16 August 2007 @ 10:59 am

1 _ i'm eighteen 
2_ i lost my interent connection

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07 July 2007 @ 10:05 pm
a 70% revamp of my artfolio ^^ have a look

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Average : 14.35 / 20
Distinction : Good (Bien)

There're 4 distinctions :
10-12/20 : pass ( passable )
12-14/20 : honorable ( assez bien )
14-16/20 : Good ( Bien )
16-20/20 : Very Good ( Très Bien )

So It's not so bad ^^

Here is the details of my differents marks ^^

Socials and Economics Sciences : 20/20
Ah Yes !!!!!!!!! 20/20 Unbeleivable ! I know but this is the truth !!!! I took the essay : how to explain the social exclusion today ? I made 10 pages and 1/4 xD

Mathematics : 17/20
Pure Joke. It's easy enough to make you tear your hair out! As character Arthur said in Shreck 3 : Fingers in the nose.

English : 17/20
The text was a bit difficult but questions was easy. As character Arthur said in Shreck 3 : Fingers in the nose.

History/Geography: 14/20
Well So far it was the one I beleive I missed. I didn't finish it well and I thought I was off topic.

Biology: 14/20
Well I don't remember well. I think it was easy enough.

Spanish: 13/20
My best mark ever in spanish xD. My f*ucking teacher (sorry to be so sweary but I hate her to death) always put me under the average @ each of my tests. RRR She told me I'm not good enough for a high school studient. RRR... in your face xD

Then The worst :s

Sport: 9/20
Do I have the face of a sportive girl ? xD yeah i'm a loss xD

French and Philosophy : 8/20
hahah I never had good teachers in French during my middle school... So my level wasn't that good. And I didn't take the best subject.
About Philosophy, I think this is the methodology of my philosophy teacher because one of my friend who had also this philosophy teacher got exactly the same mark on her commentary. And I don't care that much since I never had a mark under the average during all the school year in Philosophy and I even had 16/20 on my last essay of the year. ^^

Anyways I suceed in the most important subjects and I got a distinction. I'll go to my preparatory school ( to prepare School Of Economics ) I wanted ^^ Oh it's so good to feel in holidays !

Of course I extended my wish list

1. Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
2. Interpol - Antics
3. Interpol - Our Love To Admire
4. Editors - An End Has A Start
5. Interpol's Edinburgh ConcertIf It's possible xD
6. 2 months subsription @ Last Fm
7. A macbook.
8/9/10. Many many girlish things xD

That's a lot ? xD yes i admit but my birthday is in August so I can deal it xD
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10 March 2007 @ 09:34 am
Hello peeps, so long i didn't write in it.
well what can i say except i'm working like crazy because my mum decided that i will go in a preparatory school : you know the kind of school where you work like crazy to have at least 12. RRR and for 2 years. I'll spend my next to year to go from school-home-work-sleep.... i just don't want to imagine it. And they take you if you had a strong and good marks. which mean at least 14/15 of average. and i'm far of it. : my last exam was totally the "catastrophe" it was horrible because i could get any very very good marks.  But i can't complain because i got the best marks almost and the rest of my class got  under the average for the mains subjects here is the list :

spanish : 10 i worked so hard though i'm so disapointed

english : 16.1  Finally last time i only had 15. which is good don't complain xD but supid "non sence" jajaj make me lost too much points.

economics sciences : 15 my least note in this subject. too bad it was during the exam.

math : 11 i'm disapointed because i should have 15 to go on this preparatory school and i can't work anymore i'm brainless. guh and this is the best mark.

: 11. despite i know everything.... i stressed to death i managed to get all the second half of off topic RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

philosophy : 11 woow champagne
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15 February 2007 @ 01:53 pm
with One month and 15 days late. doesn't a matter ^^
02 December 2006 @ 03:42 pm
Oh God how i feel old. I know i'm not but i feel so. when you are over 16 yrs old it's really psychologicaly ... painful. I just look at my brother and say : "Do you know how much i'm lucky?!?" He's too busy yelling at everyone since he's a teenager. Guh. So Many things happened lately and oh god. I really let this LJ dead. i'm so sorry. So. I did almost the half of my school year. it's horrible. Seems like yesterday i started my last year of high school ( i feel even older). But i'm very happy because my first term was a success ! yes a success :

Economical & Social Sciences average : 16.3/20
Maths : 15/20
History and Geography : around 12/20
English : 15.5/20 ( can you beleive it ????! )
Philosophy : around 11-10/20 ( i don't know how could it be possible it's SO hard o_o )
Sport : 10/20 so good i thought it would be worse
Spanish : around 5/20 xD My spanish teacher is a loss. Can't say more.

I think i saved my first term then i'm beggining my second so it'll be harder with exams and such. Then i beleive it's one of my rare post.
18 November 2006 @ 11:08 pm
Oh dearlings ! yes dearlings
How are you doing ? haha me i'm doing very good. I spent my two last weeks very good.

Just to let you know all i've a new layout featured one of the greatest band : Kings of Convenience.
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