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Goat Boy issues his warnings.


then later specifies that boys are supposed to stay away from Megan. He doesn't care if they come at me....

And Josh is referring to North. Cause Goat Boy saw that name on my phone while I was scrolling down for the LJ voice post number.

And yeah, that is me laughing hysterically.

Shojo Beat

Today I received an issue of Shonen Jump in the mail. With it came a piece of paper (pictured below) explaining about the situation with Shojo Beat.

At the time I made a voice post reading the letter. I apologize for my weird breathing and any mispronunciations.

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32 ICONS (Tea House) Icon Post 014

I think the Gmail's theme Tea House is adorable. I took screencaps so I could icon it. I will probably make more at a later date with different croppings. If there's a specific part of a screenshot you'd like iconed, refer to here for the 12 different screens.

Alas, I have yet to get a screencapture of the 3:14 AM screen. T_T
32 Icons
- - 32 Google's Tea House Theme


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EDIT: And now for something completely different.


Birthday and 92 Special A and Bleach Icons Icon Post 012


38 Special A Icons Episodes 1 - 3
(Kei, Ryu, President Kakei, Hikari, and groups of others)
54 Bleach Icons Episodes 42, 45 - 51, and 87
(Yuzu, Yachiru, Uryuu, Urahara, Shunsui, Ryuken, Renji, Rangiku, Orihime, Nova, Nemu, Momo, Mayuri, Kon, Kenpachi, Karin, Isane, Iemura, Hisagi, Gin, Aizen, and others in groups)
Teasers: <

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Can be used for icons or bases. You don't have to credit but it is nice if you use them.

78 Bleach icons Icon Post 011

This is what I do when I'm bored. Or doing an Ad-Aware scan on the computer. Or when the internet doesn't work and I don't feel like rereading manga. Anyways, small batch I suppose. Just Bleach. Earlier episodes. So no real spoilers.

I'll post this to bleach_icons eventually. When I have more icons.

78 Bleach icons
- 3 Byakuya
- 4 Yoruichi
- 3 Yachiru
- 2 Ukitake
- 6 Shunsui
- 2 Renji
- 2 Nemu
- 3 Nanao
- 5 Kenpachi
- 6 Ichigo
- 3 Ganju
- 3 Hanataro
- 1 each of the following: Yumichika, Urahara, Rukia, Rinrin, Nova, Hitsugaya
- 30 of two or more characters


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