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25 March 1987

I never understood why LJ doesn't have a "dis-Interests" slot. Here's what mine would look like:

American English, "cleaning" with sponges, bad grammar, bagpipes, black pens, Blue Collar TV, Caps Lock, celebrity obsessions, censorship, children, Comcast, commercials, Crocs, daytime, Disney porn, Disney sequels, dust, Facebook apps, family, graphic tees, hardback books, Internet Explorer, loose hairs, loud people, Mind of Mencia, MySpace, ninjas, not being able to capitalize my "interests" , nutmeg, overcooked pasta, Paris Hilton, people who think they are special, unique, or deep, pink Starbursts, pirates, popped collars, shorts, slow drivers, soggy cereal, Sophia Coppola, soy sauce, Spanish, talking on the phone, teen comedies, the word "moist" , webcomics, webpages with music,
1984, american sign language, androgyny, angel: the series, animal rescue, animal shelters, archetypes, arrested development, babylonian mythology, bagels, bart ehrman, biblical apocrypha, buddy christ, buffy the vampire slayer, bunifa, captain planet, carbs, cheap vodka, christian mythology, christopher moore, circles, clarinet, coke, curb your enthusiasm, danny elfman, disney soundtracks, dollhouse, doug funnie, dystopias, early christianity, ebionites, edward norton, edward scissorhands, egyptian mythology, elton john, epic of gilgamesh, fahrenheit 451, fairy lights, fairy tales, feminism, ferret, ferrets, fiddler on the roof, firefly, firefox, folklore, freckles, fridge magnets, futurama, gnosticism, google, gorram, grammar, greek mythlogy, hair dye, hedwig, horus, hunchback of notre dame, ikea, infancy gospel of thomas, irish accents, jesus, jewish mythology, jews, john cameron mitchell, jon stewart, joss whedon, landover baptist church, laughing at terrible things, lawn gnomes, liam kyle sullivan, library, llamas, lost, mad men, maleficent, marcionism, mesopotamian mythology, misanthropy, mosaics, mulan, mystery religions, mythical jesus, mythology, nag hammadi, netflix, online shopping, orange, organizing, pasta, pearls before swine, pessimism, philip glass, philip k. dick, plastic jesuses, polaroid pictures, polka dots, post-it notes, postsecret, power rangers, project runway, queen, reading for fun, reddit, religious pareidolia, road trips, robert m. price, roswell, round things, roy zimmerman, rss feeds, scissor sisters, scrubs, serenity, seth green, sharpies, simon & garfunkel, skepticism, skittles, sleeping beauty, solar mythology, soundtracks, sour patch kids, south park, spamalot, stargazing, stephen colbert, steve carell, sumerian mythology, teen girl squad, textual criticism, the 60s, the adventures of tintin, the brick testament, the colbert report, the hours, the island, the little mermaid, the office, the sims 2, the truman show, time out of joint, tolkien, torrents, transgender, ursula k. le guin, v for vendetta, watchmen, yiddish, zoroastrianism