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Now the girl is stressed

She's a mess

Okay, I swear I'll stick to it

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Real People - My Dad - There Goes My Hero
Michael's Calls
Medium: Real Life
Fandom: Real People
Subject: My Dad
Title: There Goes My Hero
Notes: My dad and I have a great relationship. I really didn't know what to get him for Father's Day this year, so I decided to make a mix of songs that remind me of him/he likes. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there who make our lives special and we wouldn't be where we are without them.

Watch Him As He GoesCollapse )

Fanmix: Rife with Drama and Great Sex
Eva Black and White
Medium: Books and Roleplay
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Ciaran O'Donnell/Michelle Ravensdale
Title: Rife with Drama and Great Sex
Notes: My previous mixes have focused on another of my characters, Mischa Satine. This mix deals with an unexpected my main character has with an Irish mercenary. Michelle is a young woman with a complicated, adopted past; Ciaran O'Donnell works for her biological father and is described as a philistine while Michelle is highbrow -- intelligent and artistic. However, the two of them share a smoldering romance that forces the other to change and adjust for their lover. Here is more information on Michelle and Ciaran. Don't Go Away is not available as it is an M4P. Sorry guys D:

You Burn Too BrightCollapse )

Harry Potter - Paolo Matucci/Mischa Satine - Deadly Ennui
Rose & Cup
Medium: Books and Roleplay
Fandom: Harry Potter
Subject: Paolo Matucci/Mischa Satine
Title: Deadly Ennui
Notes: I first introduced Mischa through this mix. Well now this mix brings to light her relationship with Paolo Matucci, an Italian soldier of fortune. The music in this mix reflects the couple's mysterious nature, a woman of Mischa's promiscuity and a man of Paolo's apathy coming together in what comes close to the most loving relationship either has had. Most songs fit the couple together, while some pertain to the individuals themselves. Artists include The Knife, Radiohead, Cream, and Muse. A larger picture of the front cover and two back covers are included in this post. Extra note: The file entitled "Last Flowers" is really The Man With the Harmonica by Ennio Morricone.

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Story Time From Daytona
Who: Johann and Alex
What: Their first meeting
When: Almost three years before the current plot
Where: London
Warnings: Awesomeness

'If Morrissey can't give me a raise, certainly a 'driver' won't get one.'Collapse )

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