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_scorp's Journal

Social capital

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Slava Kritov
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Slava Kritov is currently with Symantec Software Advanced Technology Group working on technology evaluations for M&A and OEM licensing purposes, strategic partnership projects and research in networking, content aware storage and application performance management.

Slava graduated from PhysTech with the firm intention to be a rocket scientist but later changed his mind and started to work for Apple, which enriched his horizons enough to attract him to UN Freenet project providing free internet to people in need.

When the supply of altruism had burned away he joined Genesys in San Francisco hoping to get rich quickly. This process took six years and did not yield demonstrable results; however the experience of working in an international company later acquired by French guys had left deep imprints and prompted a lot of deep thought. To recover from management addiction, Slava joined a small startup in the valley, but later preferred the lavish Veritas offices to a cube with a phone that rings every minute.

Slava has extensive experience with networks and business applications, as well as various security and reliability aspects of hard-, soft- and wet- ware and reads Anathem before going to bed.


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Social capital

  • less than 10