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So should I post an entry saying "I'M SORRY I'M SORRY I'M SORRY" or should I not even bother, since chances are I'll be horrible and abandon everyone in a few days anyway?

It's April Fools Day (duh :P), and I remember last year when you clicked 'submit' it would say "Processing whining' or something. I forget, but it reminded me of LJ. So here I am.

Also, I really do love you all, and I really am sorry. I feel horribly guilty of doing this all the time. <3
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Psh. Yea, dad. Quit drinking my ass.

I'm not even guessing this time. I saw it sitting there. Right out in the open. I could even smell it.

So thanks. You don't even love me enough to try for a month. You don't love me enough to try to save your marrage, and to stay with me.
Paris- laughing

I'm so borreeddd.

I'm half hyper :O. My eyes are drooping (is that the word? xD) and I'm about to pass out but I'm all bouncy and hyper on the inside xD.

I gotta get some more icons. I need a hyppeerrr one. And I need to get some talent and then I'll actually make some, and then I'll need a buuuunch of icon space. I'll add it to my to-do list.

I packed for camp today. Guess what? No ipod, no cellphone, no flip-flops, no jewlery. It's just all succkkyyyy. And I have to hike. D: They failed to mention this when I was choosing my camp. Either that or it was really tiny writing at the bottom or something. It must have said 'This camp has hiking and boating and all that campy outdoorsy stuff. Batteries not included, or permitted, along with any electrinics or fun-making things, except for a flashlight.' What If I'm about to get eated by a bear? I won;t have a cellphone to call someone, and I'll die. Then they'll get sued. Then they'll let people bring cellphones.

I wanna make iconssss. I'm going to go try. Wish me luck.

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Wow. Haven't updated in forever, sorry about that. I've been grounded =/.

I kept thinking how much stuff I nedeed t update on, and now nothing. =/

Oh- I got a really, really cute purse. Here's a picture of it:


I loovveee it. xD I also got a juicy purse, some abecrombie stuff, and 2 juicy zip-ups. I don't even know how much money I spend. A loooottttt. xD

I'll try to comment, But technically I'm still grounded. I have to go do homework now, though. =/
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This journal is Friends Only.

My journal used to be public. I'm in the process of making all the old entries friends only, too. It's simple, add me, comment, and I'll probably add you back. Don't use chat speak on a daily basis. It's ok to play around with it, though.. I do that, too. But'dnt tlk lyk dis on a reguler basis.' I'm a very hyper, bouncy person. I'm also very sarcastic. It would help if you were at least one of those.

Just to tell you, I whine a lot. Feel free to skip over those entryes sometimes. Beware, I'm 13. I'm going to talk about the mall. I'm going to talk about how much of a bitch my friend/mom/whoever is, even though they probably didn't do anything. I'm going to talk about boys. And I <3 the color pink. But, don't be scared by all that. Because I'm not too bad with that stuff. And i'm pretty mature for a 13 year old.

Tell me how you found me. Because I'm a curious little bitch.

I'll most likely add you if we have at least one of the same friends. I might add you if I've talked to you. The chances of me adding someone I don't know are very, very slim, though.

Meh. It's nightime, I've had too much caffeine and sugar, and food in general. Ignore the typos (because we all knowe that they're spiffay), and ignore my rambling.

Eh, I sounded really formal there. I don't bite, don't worry.

I'll have to edit this in the morning. o__0
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