Boo's Journal

18 February
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I am:
In a constant state of limbo. Anything else would involve commitment. I'm not real good with commitment, when it comes to anything.

I don't keep friends, I lose interest. I don't have a major in college, I always change my mind. I don't have a "dream". I don't count on anyone, or expect anyone to count on me. I'm anti-social, grumpy, and generally an all around bitch.

There are three exceptions to the rule: my family, Samara, and Jay. For them I'd do anything. They're blood.

I couldn't live without OutKast or Incubus. I'm not hip hop, emo, goth, punk, or any other label. I'm not ubertrendy and I don't know the ultra-underground bands.. and if their name sounds like a line from a Dr.Suess book, I can guarantee I'll never be interested.

I used to carve, I used to do drugs, I used to drink quite a bit, and I used to scrap. Now I just don't give a fuck. I'm too old and too impatient for the scars to heal. I work too much to relax and come down. I'm already pissy in the morning, I don't need a hangover to add to it, and I really, really, don't care about you enough to have a reason to fight you.

Scarface, The Crow, The Sopranos, and Girl Interrupted make my day.

If I could wear one outfit for the rest of my life it'd be my echo sweatshirt, my faded bluejeans, and my flip-flops.

My hair is permanently shoulder length, I'm afraid. I'm already turning gray, but that's usually covered up with blonde/red streaks. Naturally my hair is brown/almost black, if I remember correctly.

I'm also:
indian/croatian (white, for those less interested in detail)
full time student
full, and part time jobs
drive a 99 envoy
brand whore
phone obsessed