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another sentimental argument

&& b i t t e r l o v e

kiss me again; just once more
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I am not the prettiest girl on Earth, I am just average
I write poetry that no one will ever be allowed to read
I sing when absolutely no one is within hearing distance
I dance, only when I am positive that no one is watching
Its because I am just neat like that.

I have the lowest self-confidence that you will ever see
I will put my friends happiness before my own, every time
I am the center of attention, when Im with all my friends
However, I am extremely shy without my friends by my side
I will talk to you if you let me.

Im mod at a community. Its just starting out, but it is
already fun. The members are awesome, and we have weekly
contests/themes/hunts. Its very active, and we have 20+
members. I mod it with Tenatah, or ironxrose on eljay
Please fill out an application

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