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  • bleachfilledhair
- my name is kristie leigh warren, learn it.(OR YOU CAN JUST CALL ME KRISTIE)
- i am eighteen years old.
- please don't try to figure me out, i like the idea that you don't understand me.
- i'll give you the benefit of the doubt and trust you, until you give me a reason to stop.
- i drink a lot of coffee and smoke too many cigarettes, people tell me it's bad and i obviously knew that before i started.
every pack i open has a warning on the side, i would like to think i'm well informed.
- to put it simply, i'm bittersweet.
- i'm just another person you mention, that's on livejournal.

feel free to continue to talk down on me.
really I don't mind, it just feeds my ego.
since basically you're revolving a part of your life around me in the end.