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Wtf, I just sighed. I don't sigh. I made MAN KILLAZ shirts. They're amazing. Honestly. Good thing myspace is working now. I was almost thinking about sleeping. Sleeping, what? Exactly.

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So I still feel dead. Last night I fell asleep, woke up shivering, and ran into my bathroom to throw up repeatedly for two hours. Then I went on AIM and felt like I was going to puke every time I coughed. So then Mack was going to lay down around 12 and he called me and we were LOLin' and I said I felt like going outside to play in the snow. So somehow that turned into me going outside without pants, in my eskimo jacket, underwear, and polar bear boots to frolic around in the five degree weather and snow. We stopped talking at 2 and I passed out as soon as we hung up.

Work today was ridiculous. I really hate all of the stupid little girls that get their hair done there. So I spent most of the morning/afternoon laying on one of the couches at the front and flipping through a hair magazine while drinking hot chocolate and text messaging. Btw, this only happened because Johnny wasn't there, so the gay boys and I had gossip time in-between appointments. So, life is good. Tonight I'm going out with Vanessa, so we'll see what kind of trouble we get ourselves into. Maybe some vodka to make me forget that I'm sick. Only not, because alchohol pretty much makes me nauseous. Ice cream and cigarettes? Yeah, probably.

Oh, and Shane pretty much completes me.
My twin brother and the only man I will ever need.

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I love him.
I really never thought I could care so much about a person.
You can all stop calling my heartless now.
Because I do have a heart, only now it belongs to this boy.
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Saying that today was pretty much the best ever would probably be an understatement. But I'm the happiest I've been in a while, and it's a pretty good feeling. I've realized that Shane is the only boy I need in my life. Really, no one compares. Oh, but I got a message on Myspace from Rob today. And I'm pretty sure I smiled 983 times. Hella crush. I can't wait to see him again. A spend hrs and hrs in Walmart. And listen to emo music over and over and over. Just because we can. He makes me so happy it's ridiculous. And he was like, "Will I see you around Christmas? Or will I have to mail you something?" because i'm flying to Alameda a week from today. But asjdlaskjs I would kill to see him again. Anyway, AIM was fucking up tonight. And of course simulataneously, everyone on Myspace was posting a bulletin going "OMGZ AIM IS DEAD!!!111" so I posted one saying that AIM was making me want to cut people. And that my phone didnt have service either. So if Myspace broke, I'd have to put on some emo music and start cutting. So that one boy (THE ONE WHO I WILL PROBABLY NEVER SEE AGAIN BECAUSE I DONT HAVE TO GO TO CLASS ANYMORE) sent me a message that said he was glad that it wasnt just him because he thought his computer might just have been being stupid etc. etc. and then at the end he wrote "I can bring some razorz and a Saosin cd over." Oh God. I would have died. Oh, and speaking of boys. I was sleeping last night and Mack sent me a text message at 1:38 that woke me up. "So you hate me but I miss you so just ignore this." We talked for five minutes online twenty minutes ago and he said he had no clue why he sent it, but "something inside him told him to do it." So then he said "Even though I miss you, I know I'm not good for you so I'll just stay away." And I said I probably wasnt good for him either, so alriiiight. So then he goes,

Mack: No you are great for me I wish I could say the same for myself though
Mack: So anyways, it was nice knowing you Kristie Warren.
Me: That kind of hurts.
Mack: Why?
Mack: I mean isnt this want you want?

Then he signed off. Because AIM is fucked tonight. So he called me, but my phone never has service in my apartment. So I texted him and said I would call him in an hour if he wanted. He said yeah, but he'll probably be asleep when I call. I have to go down to Melissa's apartment later, so I'll just go sit out in my car after that and see if he's awake. I'll most likely freeze to death and feel nauseous and talk to him about things that shouldn't matter, but for some reason, they do.

Anyway, with the exception of one or two people, I'm pretty sure I have everyone in my life right now that will ever matter.

I like it.
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that i want to get snakebites.
i already have my lip pierced once.
but for some reason,
i want snakebites.

ben informed me that he always wants to kiss girls with snakebites.
so he suggests that i get them,
because it will probably work just as well on other boys.

but i need a volunteer to go with me.
i don't do pain well.
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guhsakdjljd9823 i was a mess last night. i felt nauseous and thought i was going to collapse, so i fell asleep, and then got woken up by a text from jeff at 12:15. he told me to go to the hospital. but i knew it really wasn't that serious so i told him that i would be ok. then he said something like "that's really sad, darling. i wish i could fix you." and he also said that i should "vacation" in roseville this week. ahah. and i'm pretty sure i responded with "roseville kids PROBABLY DON'T WANT TO HANG OUT WITH OVERDOSED EMO KIDS," because i looked at the messages in my inbox this morning and one of his says "jfinamore would. but only you, darling." i'm not even sure what else i said to him. but i probably don't want to know anyway.

seriously. i don't like fake sympathy or emo entries. so i'm changing the subject.

monday night vanessa asked me to come over. to help her with her photography assignment. to gossip. to watch 83 hours of NEXT on mtv. etc. so since i was driving out that way, i decided to stop at my house first [i wanted to get my electric toothbrush lolz]. jeremy called while i was there, so i was standing in the kitchen on the phone and decided that i wanted a few sips of vodka. we had nothing to mix it with though. so i looked in the refrigerator and saw that my brother had some grapefruit juice in there. ahah. so. fucking. gross. i honestly don't even know what i was thinking. so anyway. later. vanessa and i were talking [mainly about ben and his ridiculous issues with 15 year old girls], and i was on aim on my cellular. and this kid, jeremy, who has both vanessa and myself added on myspace, kept iming me saying that he wanted to call us. so at like 1AM i was like ok, knock yourself out. so he called and we put him on speaker phone. LOLOLLLZ. "i go to alternative school. i probably won't even graduate this year like i'm supposed to. yeah, because i was IN JAIL FOR A MONTH." ahah. he just got out of jail. for TAGGING. who knew that tagging was a felony? not me. then he told us all these stories. like how when he was in 6th grade he threw his book at the teacher's head [who he said was like, 73 years old]and knocked her unconscious. yeah. it was interesting to say the least.

anyway, shane commented on my myspace this morning saying "my roommate is on my profile :D" so i looked. and smiled like 8 times. then put him on mine. he and ron [the bf] are going to move in with me. even though there will be no sexing [well there will be, just not any that i'm in included in], it should still be amazing. cutest boys ever for realzz. also. i just received a message on myspace from lauren saying "come to ann arbor friday for a metal show/party. you have no choice. i've decided you are coming for you." having to work this weekend seems to fuck up my social life [what very little exists of it] quite a bit.

anyway. i guess i should probably go to class now.

PS: my hair is totally fixed. new shampoo and conditioner + l'oreal hot straight + new straightener = my hair has never looked/felt/smelled this good.
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i'm going to see mirrormirror in westland at 5.
with vanessa. & maybe nathalie.
who isn't grounded anymore.
wtf; i think i almost died when i saw she was on myspace again.
oh, but eddie [from mirrormirror] commented my myspace.
& said that i better go up to him and give him a hug & say hey.
it's also his birthday today.
17, hahaa.
so i'm pretty excited.
& the bestfriend time is definitely needed.
in other news;
boys are ridiculously stupid.
yes, every one of them.
except for maybe one.
the one who wants to play in leaves & drink hot chocolate with me.
but anyway.
i talked to mack when i got home today.
we talked, & laughed quite a bit.
sometimes i think we would be perfect for each other if only he wanted anything to do with me.
don't even say it, i know.
i'm dumb.
i listened to depeche mode.
on repeat.
the entire drive back to my apartment.
and loved it.
k, done.
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so what was supposed to be bubble islands in ann arbor with lauren...
has turned into secret mission: beat vanessa's boy up pay a surprise visit to vanessa's boy's apartment.
hmm. i wonder how many times i will have to cross state lines this week.
between jeremy, vanessa, and myself we have:
-a pack of M reds
-a half tank of gas
idkk why we're doing this.
be back wednesday/thursday.
cellular is on.
peace out, girl scouts.

/ps; best friends say it best
yeah fire away (11:12:59 AM): like when you meet a boy
yeah fire away (11:13:02 AM): youre all like
yeah fire away (11:13:03 AM): yayy
yeah fire away (11:13:05 AM): but then you realize
yeah fire away (11:13:15 AM): that its like swimming in the ocean and waiting for sharks
yeah fire away (11:13:18 AM): because its gonna end bad.
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so last night = a good saturday night. i slept until midnight. then went to get vanessa so we could go to 711 and sit outside with slurpees, a pack of silvers, and starburst for two hours. we talked. and made fun of people [namely all the lameos stopping there after homecoming]. and i text messaged joel. i got back to detroit before two and went to see melissa before going back to my apartment. so uh. i was still texting joel and started to watch mtv, then got on aim. jeff IMed me and it was sort of awkward for a bit. he said he was in an emo mood and that he wants to move to AZ because even though he knows people care about him here, his friend speer seems more interested in his art/whatever he's doing than anyone here. everyone loves jeff. idkk. but it made me feel kind of shitty. then he invited me to go to cedar point with him [& his friends] on the 30th. and he said it would be kind of cold. but it would be fun and we could keep each other warm because he's a pussy. so now i'm excited. oh. and then i got into an internet fight with someone i don't know. actually. i think it was this boy i blocked because he was boring and bothering me. holyy shit. i love e-drama. and i hadn't had any in a while. although he was a lameo because he just kept saying random shit "trendy whore, slut, scenester" etc. followed by "OWNED!!!!" yeah sure. oh. and then someone said something to me last night that made me smile real big. i won't say who said it. or what they said. but. ddsjkdlsjfdkj it was really cute. and i'm pretty sure i smiled big time. so then joel told me to call his house phone, so i got offline at 4 and called him. uh i'm glad we're talking again. we told stories and he played his acoustic. his gf broke up with him two days ago and their 1 year is today. skankk. sucks that they work together. so i went to sleep at 5:30. and am now sitting here listening to kanye, being cold, and thinking about going back to bed. after i make a few telephone calls and convince someone to bring me a dark mocha frap. mhm.
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