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book of blues

lamentations & realizations

all god's children can dance
8 December
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Es una copa llena
de agua
el mundo.

273 canal street, beat souls, buddhism, catharsis through music, climbing fire escapes, creative stupors, culture, darkwave, double entendres, drawing fake tattoes, dreaming in spanish, driving no-where, drugs and sex, feeling very warm, feral children, freaks of nature, ghosthunting, harassing yuppies, harmony, hilary duff supporters, italian, judaism, latin american literature, latin music, laughing, life like video games, man vs. technology, nature, nights of adventure, painting with unique mediums, philosophizing, piano, porn'n'chicken, real magical realism, remembering then forgetting, reverse foreshadowing, richard brautigan, salvador dalí, shantyville, short poems, spanish, spirituality, suburban terrorism, summer, surrealism, talking to strangers, tetrisphere, the mad people, the phenomenon of color, unique lingo, vanilla fudge, vibrations/waves/&energy., walt whitman, wandering city streets, watermelontrout oil, william blake, zen flesh zen bones