November 25th, 2007


Все о том же.

Comment on this post and if you want me to I will choose seven interests from yourprofile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interestedin them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so thatothers can play along.

Значит, вы намекаете мне в комментах, что хотите получить от меня задание, а я выбираю из вашего профиля семь интересов, которые вы потом описываете - что они для вас значат, почему вы именно в в этом заинтересованы, ect. По желанию ставите игру к себе в журнал.

Мое задание от замечательной primroseburrows (должно быть на английском, а русский вариант писать как-то лень):
1. Франция
. France. For me, it's mostly associated with novels by Aleksandre Dumas-pere and the history of Western Europe. Actually, the theme is very inspiring - quite a big part of my essays, fanfiction and poems is somehow connected with France or works by Dumas.

2. Лазить по деревьям. To climb the trees. Tree climbing is not my hobby or some kind of sport I do. It happens very simply - if I see a nice tree I'd like to climb, I climb it. Maybe it's not a suitable thing for a grown-up lady of twenty one, but I enjoy it, so why not?

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3. Строго на юг is the Russian title for Due South. My favourite TV-show ever. However, my first impression about the show wasn't nice. I was ten, our TV-set was almost broken, my brother forced me to watch the Pilot. My brother switched on TV to watch a new series, but I desired to watch cartoons. We had a great quarel, he became angry and forced me to stay in the room and watch DS. I was very unhappy, I said that it was disgusting to see a stupid Mountie in a stupid hat with a stupid wolf! It wasn't polite, was it? Anyway, pretty soon I fell in love with the Mountie, the wolf and the Chicago cop.

4. Афоризмы. Aphorisms. I use them in my speech or my writing pretty often. It helps me to be more eloquent. I used to have a note-book where I put down my favourite aphorisms.

5. Диснеевские мультфильмы. Disney cartoons. I have always liked them. I watched them every Sunday on TV when I was a child. Even now I enjoy watching Duck Tales. Yes, Duck Tales is my absolute favourite.

6. Оярс Вациетис. Oyars Vatsietis (I doubt I could spell his name right) is my favourite Latvian poet. He writes about friendship a lot, the language he uses in his poems is simple and expressive at the same time.

7. Бентон Фрейзер. Benton Fraser - my favourite Mountie. This guy is incredibly kind, wise, brave and handsome. I love him. Nuff said, i think. Just look at him.

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Ну почему-у-у-у.....? Почему вместо того, чтобы провести пять уроков мне опять придется работать всю неделю? Почему, я согласилась? Почему я не могла соврать, что буду занята, что куда-нибудь уеду или хотя бы выйду замуж? Почему-у-у?

Пойду делать пост в pg_daily, может хоть немного полегчает...