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_saybia_'s Journal

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- Music and getting lost in the sound of it

- Meditating , clearing my mind even if only for a second

- Love ...

- Candles , inscense , herbs , oils , everything to make a nice relaxing time.

- Open minden people ...

- Art , fantasy art , realistic art , photography ( I should get into the last one a bit more)

- Fasion

- Being alone at times.... then again I also like being around people at times .. as long as it'sat the right times.

- Books and movies ... all kinds ... depends on my mood really.

- Japanese things, stationary , totoro, music,dollfie's, culture,.......

- swapping

- penpalling

- life

- art


- Small minded people

- People who keep anoying me on the internet with nude pictures or the whole cybersex phenomena... you'll get blokked!

- I hate everything I'm allergic to, like those tiny peppers....my skin actually burns when I touch them ( strangest thing)

- ... so many more things... But I'll hush up here.

love and hate

The thing that determins how I live my life... CFS ( chronique fatigue syndrome), fibromyalgia, EDS (Ehler danlos syndrome) most of you know me and will know whne my posts are about this beastie.


This is probably one of the things that variates most in my life and also depends on my moods...

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