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I want a penpal. Someone to write letters to who will write a letter in response. I don't care who you are, as long as you don't live in the San Fernando Valley. It would be even better if you don't live in California, but I'm not picky. & I don't want someone who will get my letter then wait three weeks to send one back. That's frustrating. I just get really bored & write in my journal [[not this one, my real one]], but that journal can't tell me what it thinks. I love writing letters, so I'd like to be able to write to someone.
So if you're interested please please please let me know.
IM me at burnthexsun or comment in here & we'll talk about it. You have no idea how happy that would make me. Only if you're serious.
Thanks much. ♥

[[sorry if you've seen this twice]]

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Hey everyone, I made a new journal which I will be using instead of this one.


I'm gonna add just about everyone I have on this list to that one, so please add me back asap. Much appreciated. ♥

p.s. i don't know if i'm gonna delete this one or not yet.

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I'm proud of myself cause I made a promo banner for my new community. But I still hate my life. I will most likely be staying home tomorrow. Someone should come over and make me some soup and make my pain go away.
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