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09 November 2006 @ 05:18 am
It's 5:18 am, and I've yet to go to bed.  
Granted, I did take a nap this afternoon from like 4 to 6, and then I had to go to work at 8. But this is still pretty ridiculous. It's like, I'm not even tired. I mean, my eyes are heavy, and I'm yawning, but I've tried lying down, and I just can't fall asleep. My stepdad's awake now, about to get ready for work, and I'm still awake.

Work tonight was stupid. We were doing our holiday setup, and it was only supposed to take like two or three hours, and then I was supposed to open this morning at 4:45, but we were there until 4am. Four in the morning. I got my shift covered, so I could come home and go to sleep, but it's awesome how that didn't work out.

Anyway, work was stupid. Holiday setups are the worst setups ever. There is so much Christmas shit everywhere, and it's all super red and bright and.. Christmas-y. You should all go into a Starbucks tomorrow and appreciate the beauty of all the decorations. It took eight hours for five of us to take rip all of the pumpkin spice and maple macchiato shit down, clean, and put all of the holiday stuff up. I was upset. I did get a lot of free coffee/food/random shit to bring home for free. So I guess that made it a little better. Bit I'm kind of worried that my manager will be a bitch and only pay me for the time I was scheduled for which was 8-10p. She has a tendency of doing that because she's a bitch, but I asked my assistant manager how I can make sure she's putting all of my hours in, and she said she'd look at it with me. So, yay.

School's been really lame lately. I have 2 papers due on Friday. One's a 5 page, and one's a 1,000 words or more. Gar.

I'm playing winter league soccer again. I'm excited. I'm still trying to figure out my schedule so I can coach JV in the spring. I'm excited about that too.

Yay for Jim Webb!
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