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I'm officially Friends-Only from now on.

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Sometimes you blink and months go by.

What the hell? *grumble*

Ghost In The Shell: BE THERE!
flowers, Moran
Anyone going to see this tonight?

If not, I'll sit at home and watch it on a small screen ^_^

My birthday has been made.
flowers, Moran
A friend of mine from London sent me a dozen white roses and a teddy bear for this day of all days, and it has kind of thrown me into shock. I've never gotten a dozen anything from anyone.

I sat on the steps after I got them and had my face in them for longest time. I grinned like an idiot for a while. Now I'm staring at the flowers as I type.

I didn't think anyone cared for me that much. It's kind of nice *big grin*

Mom thought it was from guy that liked me, and her face got very expressive when I said "Chris is taking his wife out to dinner and they're staying at a hotel for the weekend." Then it went to "He's my friend, ma!" The male friends I like to talk to the most always seem to be married.

Next, to find single guy that will buy a dozen roses for me at the last minute.

Also, since he's a moderator on the forums I haunt to bullshit and trade files, he had put, "Happy Birthday, Sasayki" in the bullet points at the top of the page. My forum status also got changed to "Birthday Girl" for 24 hours. It had already been done when I got home last night, and I kind of did a double take when I was logging in to check my messages.

I was pretty happy as it was, but then I got the flowers today.

I went out to lunch with my mom, and the waitress was kind of shitty. She didn't even come back to refill the glasses, and she put the check down only a few minutes after we'd gotten our food like she wanted us to go.

So, we didn't leave a tip. The food wasn't all that bad though. It was an O'Charleys in Gahanna. There's one on Cleveland Ave if I ever want to go there again.

I'd never been there before, and that just wasn't the first visit impression I should have gotten. I knew there were stupid hick people in Gahanna, but I'd never actually had to interact with one directly.

Other than that, not much has hasppened today, though it really doesn't need to because the flowers smell so good. I have no worries the rest of the weekend.

Laruku for me, yay!
flowers, Moran
Well, after wondering what I'm going to do for my birthday, and not being able to make up my mind what sort of short trip I wanted to go on, and just happening to surf the web...

I'm going to go see L'Arc en Ciel in Baltimore at Otakon at the end of the month!

Damn those last minute event booking type people. The rumors were true, I guess.

I'd never get to see them unless I went to Japan anyway, so it might be fun.

All that money for three days out of town...my god, it's been a while since I've had that trip reservation stress.

Hopefully I don't see anyone that pissed me off two years ago there, though they might pop up.

In between my original vacation and the convention, I will work for two days. It's screwy, it's stupid, but not all that bad, actually.

Hopefully I don't kill the person I'm going with. I have a tendency to want to stay away from people I'm stuck in a small room with for days at a time.

I should stop worrying about it and have fun, but it's my nature to worry about getting screwed by people I think I can trust. It's my mom's birthday present to me, and so she doesn't go with me and be confused on why I like guys that don't speak my language singing in front of me. Even mom told me to loosen up and not worry about it. My friend will be all sorts of broke, but I have disposable income to fill up a suitcase with things.

I need to get mom something grand this year, as much as she says she doesn't want anything.

I haven't been around this blog much, because I've been wondering what I'm going to do for the rest of my life, and pondering my shitty job which I hate. I need to stop this dead end job fast. Somehow.

I have a tentative plan, but I haven't been able to start working on it yet. I've been a little depressed, mostly at work, and just plain bleah. I was trying to book plane tickets and I gave myself a fever and went to bed.

I'm hoping that the short trip and seeing one of my favorite Japanese bands (not as favorite as they used to be, but still) will pep me up a bit.

It can't hurt except in the wallet, right?

Also, in jewelry nerd news, I got my Rio Grande catalogs in the mail the other day...it's like shiny, sparkly sex. I wish I had the spare time to go to jeweler's school and start making stuff. I hadn't gotten these catalogs before because they used to charge for them, but now they're free if you call. YES!!!

Maybe I'll win the Mega Millions if I play it this week. Who knows? Have to stay hopeful.

Need to make something shiny so Hyde will see it...yeah, yeah.

I should be ecstatic, but for some reason...I'm the same. The fangirl has died...for now.

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Ugh, I hate looking over what I've read and discovered lots and lots of goofy errors that were caused my lack of sleep.

I'm half heartedly watching The Matrix Reloaded. The freeway scene is still good after all this time.

My stomach is cramped. Probably because I haven't eaten anything yet.

My wrist is achy. Hmm.

I should go soak in the tub, and then buy food.

And look for a pair of shoes.

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I've been out of touch the past two weeks it seems.

I've been sleeping quite a bit, well, when I can. I got the dreaded written warning at work, and didn't care, which prompted my management team of excellence to stick a 15 minute impromptu meeting in my schedule to ask me "what's wrong?"

I think answering the "why were late last Friday?" email with "Go ahead. Give me a written. I can take it." Prompted that. I just don't care any damn more.

If it were not for making the car payment and paying bills, I'd almost wish they'd let me go.

The summer so far hasn't been as slow as last summer was work wise. They've given up on asking me every day if I'm going to work overtime for gift cards, because I'm not. I nod off at the desk sometimes when I've stayed up too late bullshitting on the forums and downloading things that will take months to watch.

Other than that...not a whole lot. As I wandered around Yahoo's infamous chat rooms one Friday night out of sheer boredom, I discovered the guy that sits next to me was trolling for a third in some room. I laughed my ass off. I knew his girlfriend was bi, and I knew they'd done it before, but seeing it in action simply kills me. I clicked on the name by pure, pure chance, and lo and behold, there's the picture he showed us to show what his woman looks like. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

He came to work the next week saying he didn't do a whole lot. I don't know if the deal fell through, or if he's lying, but I hope he didn't hear me bust out laughing.

I made a three strand pearl and bead bracelet to go with this really long necklace I'd made last month. It's an ensemble now. I also bought a ton of nice clothes at Polaris...I found out a day or two later baddies were trying to blow the place sky high. I wondered why there all those cops in there on a Sunday! I seem to near miss every time I go to that mall. I missed the van running into it by two hours, and they foiled the kaboom plot just as I found clothes that I like and look good on me an hour before the mall closed.

I should praise my good luck, but you don't appreciate what you already have.

I also went to the dentist Tuesday, and they didn't bitch as much about my tartar build up...but they want me to get an extra cleaning every year. Woohoo.

Now I'm just waiting for work to happen again, before I can rest. The weeks all run together. It doesn't change.

Now I want a late meal. Damn me.

Yeah, I did another stupid fucking net quiz!
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How to make a _sasayaki

3 parts intelligence

1 part self-sufficiency

5 parts leadership
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Serve with a slice of wisdom and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Actually, I usually mark them private and look at them from time to time, to see which ones I've done already.

I was hungry, kay?
flowers, Moran
Speaking Duck & Hoisin Hamster Pancakes Char Ham Bau Plain Rice Hamster Bento Tiger Beer Bubble Tea Ice Lemon Tea
Only 1600 yen!
Get your own at Hamstar's Noodlebar!

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Okay, I woke up thirty minutes ago.

This is funky. Eating a leftover Donatos sub. Mmm.

After nearly getting hit by stupid peopple on the way home Thursday, I tried to avoid the golf traffic today and got turned ass backwards. Didn't get home until 7 almost. That sucked really bad.

Due to a certain person, I worked today on 2.5-3 hours sleep. I came home and passed out. My womanly cycles didn't do much compound this fatigued feeling.

I sowwy, Opal. I will have to take a raincheck on the food. I was thinking the same thing before I started nodding off in the chair yesterday evening. "I want to go out to eat....zzzzzzzzzz."

Oh, and I had no cable modem access since last Saturday, until this past Thursday. Bad cable coming in. No stupid maintenance fee to pay!

I think...

Now that I actually feel like watching some anime now, I've been downloading things. Haven't watched none of it yet, but plan on it simply because I don't want to do a whole lot this weekend.

Except sleep some more. Which is what I should be doing now due to having to get to work.


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