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- Sariie*
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Hey everyone my name is Sara* im single right now i really like sumone tho !! I have Brown hair , greenish blue eyez, 5'5 so if you have any questions leave me a comment or add me on icq!

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Heather and Alex- - >> you all are great friends i dont think i could ask for a better best friends you guyz have been here for me through the good and the bad times. We have so many memories at our houses, the movies, the pool, and at school. Love ya guyz!!

To tha rest of my friend you guyz are the best!!!

a true friend is a person who is there for you through thick and thin. They don’t judge you by the clothes you wear, or the size of your house. They l0ve you no matter what. They are a shoulder to cry on, or a partner to lauqh with. They stand by you in your times of need and listen when you are excited. They know every little thing about you. They stand up for you when others don’t.

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