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Relax, it's only magic

Now who's pathetic ?

Sarah Bailey
31 August
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Character Profile

Name: Sarah Bailey

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Movie: The Craft

Physical Description: 5 ft 7, 120lbs, Long brown hair, green eyes. Sarah is a natural girl next door type who often has a serious expression with a somewhat hesitant smile. She has two vertical scars, one on each wrist as a result of when she tried to kill herself. Sarah wears simple clothes, usual teenage stuff but has a penchant for skirts and dresses.

Personality: Sarah is a loner at heart, someone who has always felt like a bit of an outcast due to her strange abilities which she didn’t understand and had difficulty controlling. This has lead to her becoming somewhat cynical towards others and it was also the cause of her depression earlier, which is why she tried to kill herself when she was 16. At heart, Sarah is a good person but like many teenagers, she’s just confused and trying to understand who she is as well as come to grips with what she is. Sarah is serious but has a sharp sense humor and isn’t afraid to be outspoken when it is necessary.

Strenghts: As a born witch, Sarah has a natural talent for spell casting and pick up many spells with ease as they finally give her a way to focus her powers. She has shown some telekinetic ability and has the ability to summon the elements. Sarah can also use glamour to confuse and frighten others, creating illusions that only they see.

Weaknesses: Sarah has many phobia’s concerning snakes, insects and rodents which stem from nightmares she had as a young girl when her powers began to surface. She also has difficulty controlling her powers at times which has caused her mental anguish in the past, so much so that the young girl tried to kill herself. She has issues with that as well and doesn’t like to talk about it. Sarah is physically like a human so she can be killed/wounded as such. Bad taste in friends, she's not the best judge of character. Sarah can only do so much magic before she runs out of energy. Large spells can drain her, making her tired and weaker.

Bio: Sarah Bailey’s started with a tragedy as with her life came her mother’s death as Caroline Bailey died giving birth to Sarah. The young girl lives with the guilt of this everyday of her life so her mother has become a sore spot for her as well. For the longest while, it was just Sarah and her father as Cliff Bailey rose Sarah as a single father but that all changed when he re-married when Sarah was 12. This event, coupled with Sarah’s own developing powers would be the start of her downward spiral into depression throughout her teenage years. Strange things began to happen, pipes bursting in her room, days of not being able to hear or talk to anyone, and terrifying nightmares of rats and snakes.

When Sarah was 16 she sought a way out from her problems by slitting her wrists and it would have worked, had her father not found her passed out in the bathroom from blood loss. Sarah spent the next few months in a hospital being treated for severe depression and possible schizophrenic disorders which were later ruled out as her powers were subdued.

But the strangeness in Sarah’s life was far from over as her weird abilities began to re-emerge and her family moved to Los Angeles where Sarah met three strange girls, Nancy, Rochelle & Bonnie. It would be Bonnie who witnessed Sarah’s talents and bring her to the attention of Nancy & Rochelle, her fellow witches but it would be Chris who would warn Sarah against them as well as gain her interest. Sarah soon became friends with the girls, especially after a disastrous date with Chris when he started the rumors about them sleeping together.

Through these girls Sarah learned more about her powers, developing them and getting revenge on Chris but this was a dangerous game the girls were playing and there were consciences to their actions. Sarah quickly discovered hers as the love spells she put on Chris took a nasty turn and the boy became obsessed with her. She also grew concerned with how the other girls were beginning to change and become more careless. As she voiced her fears, Nancy quickly squashed them down, telling her if she didn’t like it, she could leave.

When Sarah turned to her supposed boyfriend Chris, she didn’t find comfort. Instead, she found Chris had grown worse and had become more obsessed and even dangerous as he tried to rape her. She fled to Rochelle’s house, telling the girls of her attack which only increased Nancy’s hatred of Chris, causing her to go after him. Which of course, caused Sarah and the others to follow in the attempt to stop her. Unfortunately for Chris, it was too late as a stand off between Sarah, Nancy and Chris resulted in his death.

At that point Sarah knew she had to do something and attempted to bind Nancy but Nancy’s earlier invoking of the spirit had made her stronger than Sarah. Desperate, Sarah turned to Lirio, a local witch for help who told her the only way to stop Nancy was to invoke the spirit herself. As Sarah had seen what this had done to Nancy, she was frightened and fled before she and Lirio could complete the ritual.

What she fled to was another nightmare, one of Nancy’s making as the other witch used glamour to terrify Sarah, trying to force her to kill herself. As Sarah ran to her bedroom to hide, she had her own vision in which her mother spoke to her, telling her to invoke the spirit. Sarah finally gave in and preformed the ritual, increasing her own powers enough to take on the others. She scared away Bonnie and Rochelle with her own glamour spells before confronting and attempting to bind Nancy.

But Nancy would not go quietly and instead attacked Sarah, leading to a fight between the pair, both attempting to overpower the other but it would be Sarah who would win. She finally managed to bind Nancy’s powers but it was too late for the girl who had been driven insane by the spirit. As Nancy was place into a mental asylum, Bonnie and Rochelle attempted to approach Sarah again now that they too had lost their powers only to find that Sarah still had hers.

I did not create the Craft and therefore I don't own this character. I am only role-playing her