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_samj_graphics's Journal

22 October 1985
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This is the graphics journal of sra33. Most icon entries are public, and a few will be F/O depending on how much work I put into the icon. I don't want to have to force you to friend me in order to see what I can do, but I'd also like to see people credit where credit is due. I'm not claiming to be good in any respect, but if you like it enough to use it, please show some consideration.

Most Friends Only entries include blinkies or bullets that I have made by hand, F/O banners, and icons that take me more than 15 minutes to produce or mean something special to me.

Please credit. It means a lot to me.

( How Exactly Do I Credit? )

2nd place knockturn_elite 01/10/05 HERE  
1st place tv_movie_icons 01/20/05 HERE Banner
Mod's Choice tv_movie_icons 05/20/05 HERE Banner
3rd place tv_movie_icons 07/22/05 HERE Banner
3rd place 100contest 08/22/05 HERE Banner
Mod's Choice 100contest 08/22/05 HERE Banner
Honorable Mention 100contest 09/08/05 HERE Banner
Mods Choice wd_icontest 09/19/05 HERE Banner

(If you would like to be an affiliate, comment HERE)

All my borders, textures and brushes comes from teh_indy.
I found some old brushes laying around my computer! If you see one that looks familiar, let me know who made them! I couldn't find any credit information. :\
50 Things I cannot do at Hogwarts from atalantapendrag starting HERE.

Want to promote me? HOTLINK ME! :D It's the only thing that I will allow hotlinking of.

<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/_samj_graphics/"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v476/Sra33thousand/samj_button.jpg" border=0></a>


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