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Fire Up My Excited Heart

Frank Batman, of the Wisconsin Batmans
My name is Lauren, and I'm a 28-year-old college grad currently employed telling professors that computers are not scary. I used to be located at gcmtech, so if you want to skim some old entries, head over there, it wasn't friends locked.

I'm a nerd: Star Trek (I was going to marry Riker as a little girl, don't front) Harry Potter, Heinlein, Asimov, Douglas Adams, Eve Forward. Love a good mystery, love legos and puzzles, love Cherry Coke Zero.

I write like mad; I have some up at laurie but you'll have to friend it to see. (And I've been very very bad about keeping it up to date.)

Fic can be found at velocicopter or at AO3.

Every day I strive to emulate Anne Lamont. Bird by Bird is my freaking bible.

I'm curious and impatient. I hate surprises and suspense in real life. I like running and bad metal bands and men with acoustic guitars.

I am a younger sister, an awesome cook and constantly thinking up catchphrases or randomness to amuse people.

I have two cats and they are the bestest. I am afraid of the dark.

Feel free to friend me if you want to hear about my adventures or just encounter my randomness.