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Music and Design

Posted on 2008.04.22 at 13:13
I found this story through HOW magazine's website. It turns out that I'm not the only one who can't work on anything without listening to some music in the background.

Here's the link:http://www.designobserver.com/archives/035704.html#more

Posted on 2008.04.20 at 22:14
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: "Break the Same"-Mutemath
I've come to the conclusion that I may be the most easily distracted, most forgetful person in the world. When I'm not leaving books in all my classrooms or forgetting supplies at school, I'm forgetting to follow up on other things that need to be done. I left my flashdrive SOMEWHERE for only the millionth time on Friday, and I still can't find it or remember where I left it. Of course, I had an essay on there for a class that was half done already and could have been finished that day. But because I couldn't find it and had to work that night, nothing got done, and I ended up finishing it all on Saturday and wasting most of my afternoon doing it. Then on a study trip for my geology class, I left my bag on the van! God knows if it's still there or not! I only had a water bottle in the bag at the time, but still! It's ridiculous. I have to fix this and learn how to focus or it's just going to cause more problems for me in the future.

Here's another thing that seems to bug me a lot more than usual right now. A certain few people I know don't seem to understand the concept of a personal schedule. I can't stand it when I'm being made out as some terrible person because for once out of a million different Fridays I need to work on a paper for once. It's the only day I have to work, when I work most of the afternoon Saturday and I'm out of town Sunday. So I don't need people trying to send me on a guilt trip because I'm actually taking time out for studies. Like I said before, there's a million other weekends out there. Just cool it for a while, it's not that big of a deal. I like to work on a schedule, and that means getting things done by a certain day. I can't just sit back until midnight the day before.

I could go on here, sadly. But there are still good things that have come out of the past few days. Most of these occured today, when I went to Chicago. Went and saw the Cubs play a heck of a ballgame, scoring 13 runs for the second straight day, and stomping Pittsburgh for the sixth time this season. We also did a bit of exploring around downtown, too, just taking in the sights and sounds. I just wish I had my camera with me to take pictures. I love Chicago. It has more character to it than most other cities I've visited.

There are only three weeks left in the semester, and I'm getting ready to sign up for next fall's classes. I need to get everything finalized so that when I hit Southern in the spring, I don't have a ton of standard stuff left and can focus on my major.

Time to get to work!

Posted on 2008.04.07 at 21:38
Current Mood: tiredtired
The past weekend was quite busy. I had a couple big-time things to run on Sunday. First, I had to cover the LEC meeting and then run the commissioner training...I was gone all afternoon from 1:30 till around six, in the same room, without living. Things went smoothly(especially the LEC) but it was good to be done.

I started training for the Steamboat Classic on Wednesday. I'm participating in the Building Steam program through the council. I've got to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I still have in me after a winter of sporadic running. I think that getting back into my prime running shape might be easier that I originally thought. We have practices every Wednesday until June. My goal for race day is to run at least a 28:00 time over four miles. I hit that right on the nose in the EP River Trail Run last December. That was a mostly downhill course, though, so I'm not reading too much into it.

My tournament bracket took a nosedive, but my championship pick is still in. Memphis will play Kansas tonight If they win, Memphis will make things look good for me out of a million missed calls. It was surprising to see how Kansas got here too, with the blowout over North Carolina. This will be an interesting game to watch.

This is kind of off subject, but I've been getting this feeling lately, a feeling like people have been treating me differently...I don't know, like a little kid almost. It sounds weird, but it's true. For example, during the commissioner training, I felt like a couple of the people there were tired of me not being able to answer their questions properly. And in other places, it seems like people take a very simplistic approach when they're talking to me. I can't really put my finger on many factors, really. But this is something that I've been feeling since Sunday and have felt before. I just don't feel like I'm being treated as an equal.

But anyways, I have to go. I'm going to study a little and then go to sleep.

The Madness Continues...

Posted on 2008.03.24 at 19:30
Current Mood: complacentcomplacent
Current Music: SSBB Original Soundtrack
March Madness is upon us once again. With the first and second rounds done, it's on to the Sweet 16 for those fortunate enough to still be alive. This is a little late, I realize, and I actually wanted to make a post about the tourney, you know, when it started, but things happen. Anyways, back on subject. The tournament has not failed to disappoint this year, with a seemingly endless string of upsets. First there was the near-loss by Duke to Belmont, and then the eventual collapse to West Virginia. Then came USC failing miserably to live up to all the hype(which I fell for). And most recently, #2 Georgetown was upset by Davidson in a game that reminded me a lot of the Kansas-Bradley game a couple years ago. Needless to say, this has utterly destroyed my bracket, and only three of my Final Four remain alive. But all is not lost! My title contender, Memphis is still alive, though they have a rather glaring free throw problem that nees to be fixed immediately.

To add to the basketball talk, I found this article the other day--and this is where a link would go if I could find it again-about the sad graduation rates among athletes in the tournament. I think there was one of these out during bowl season too. It was mostly about how athletes in colleges now are focusing less on school and more on the game, as well as colleges But that's why they're there, right? No, it's not. Here's a scary fact: On the 2002 Maryland men's team that won the championship, not a single starter graduated on time. Not one. There needs to be a balance between the two. The only problem is that college ball is turning into a mni farm system for the pros, where money is the name of the game and not education. It's also turned into a place where young athletes are required to go for a year before they go pro. This was a rule instated by NBA commissioner David Stern, and it turns college for some athletes into something undesireable that they must endure before they get to where they really want to be, much like a difficult math class. The rule can stay, but it needs to be extended to two or even better, three years. The experience and discipline that is gained in college ball is essential to any prospective player. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing a young athlete go straight from his freshman year where he dominates to the bigs, where he only averages 10-15 points a game. Plus, what do they do when they don't play basketball anymore? It's far better to stay in school and finish your education.

Only seven more days until baseball's opening day, and the Cubs have their lineup set. As I thought, Theriot will lead off and Soriano will hit second. The bigger news is that Kerry Wood will be the Cubs new closer. I would have preffered to see Carlos Marmol closing, but it gives me confidence to see Wood pitching games like last week's, where he only took 10 pitches to retire the side in the ninth. Just stay healthy, Kerry, and things will be great. I have high hopes for this season(as hard as that is when you're 100 years removed from your last World Series title...)

Brett Favre Set to Retire

Posted on 2008.03.04 at 20:38
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised
The star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre has stunned fans all over the country by announcing his retirement.

This was a complete surprise to me. I never even heard about it until just a few minutes ago. But after 16 seasons spent playing nothing but fantastic football and smashing almost every QB record there is to hold, I guess there has to be a stopping point. At least he got to make a deep run in the playoffs before he went, getting to the NFC Championship game and winning the NFC North. And even if the Packers did lose, he still got to go out on top with all the records he broke. It's going to be weird next season seeing someone besides #4 calling plays in Green Bay.

Posted on 2008.02.22 at 15:45
This is a great article I found over onKotaku, a touching story about an uncle and his nephew I'm not posting this to prove anything, either, like some of the commenters on the article seem to believe about the original post. It isn't necessary to justify the kind actions of this person just because he's a gamer. There are good people and bad people, and this is one of the good guys. He risked his life for his nephew, and that speaks for itself. Just read it and see what you think.

EDIT: Remember when I said there were good seeds and bad ones? Well, one of the links in the post was to this about two of the worse people that there are. The problem here is the wording, though. Apparently Fox News thinks that the headline "Video Gamers leave baby to Die" is a good one in regard to the horrible neglect case in Peoria this past week. Whatever happened to neutrality? The news shouldn't take sides! It makes no difference in any case whether they were gamers. What really matters is that they are both irresponsible and have ridiculously poor judgement. That is reality, folks...video games are not. If a person can't separate the false world of a video game from reality, then that person is going to have trouble in society. It's still amazing how many people fail to realize this and see the simple truth that gamers are just another subculture, not some weird, maniacal culture of killing and evil.

Posted on 2008.02.08 at 08:08
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
It's funny how one second you can be walking on air and then come crashing down the next.

The other day, as I was driving home, I crashed into the side of another car as I tried to make a sharp turn on an icy road. I'm fine, and so are the driver and passengers of the other car, but my vehicle is completely chewed up on the front end. So now I'm waiting for a damage estimate before I decide what to do. I can either pay for the damages and get it repaired, or I could get another car used. Either way, this is going to put me out of tons of money. To make matters worse, the local news did a bit on my crash and blew it way out of proportion for what it was, so now everyone else in the world has seen that I've had an accident. I also have to pay back the people I've been asking to take me places when I'm not in class and everywhere else for their gas.

All together, this is just the nail in the coffin on a terrible week. It turns out that I can get new parts from a similar car they have at the mechanic and use them to replace the broken parts on mine, which will save me tons on the total price. So today I told the mechanic to start working on the car. Hopefully it will be done by tomarrow or Sunday, but most likely it will be done by next week. Either way, I can't wait to get my car back. I never realized how much I depend on that thing on a daily basis. I also am completely afraid of snow now, which hopefully will keep me from making stupid decisions like the one that led me to this accident in the first place. Of course, I've been in bad driving situations before and nothing happened, so I just thought I could handle things.

In any case, I'm all right, and hopefully I get through this OK. I'll admit that things are actually starting to look up, but that might just be because it's Friday.


Posted on 2008.02.04 at 21:55
...is the final score of Super Bowl XLII. But who is the winner? I'll give you a hint: IT'S NOT THE PATRIOTS. The Giants did the unthinkable last night by beating the "unbeatable" New England Patriots and spoiling their perfect season. And they did so in grand style, completley outplaying the Pats on defense and making far more key offensive plays. I knew it had to happen, but I didn't think it actually would. No team is perfect, like I've been saying all year, and this only proves it. The Patriots have good days and bad days like everyone else, and the Giants were not a doormat for the Patriots to walk on on their way to the top. In fact, I would go as far to say that the opposite was true. Although the game was tight all the way, it was the Giants making all the kind of plays that the Pats have all year in this game. They were the dominant team, and it showed.

I could go on for a while, but I'll cut things off here here. Long story short: This was the greatest game in years and one for the record books. Way to go Giants!

Holy crap snow!

Posted on 2008.02.01 at 20:24
Current Mood: tiredtired
OK, the biggest news for the past two days: OMGSNOW! Right after the first minor snowfall melts, we get about 7-8 inches more, and an extended weekend for this week. Yay for no classes. Last night when it was all still coming down though, wow. I had an awful time coming back from work. You couldn't see the lines on the pavement when I was on the highway, and people were driving all over the place. Also, I had a huge deal of trouble trying to climb a hill in my car because my wheels wouldn't stick. It took a good three minutes, but I finally made it up. All in all, though, I'm still here, and I'm still in one piece, even though there were a few times last night when I thought I was going to end up on the side of the road.

But, like I said, an extended weekend. Great stuff. Unfortunately, I couldn't take advantage of today because the roads were still crap for most of the day and because I was incredibly sleep deprived. Too much schoolwork piling up as of late. So I used most of today to rest and recover.

And now, the real part of the weekend. Saturday, I don't know what I'm going to do, but on Sunday, I know exactly where I'll be: Watching the Super Bowl. Hah, last year at this time I was celebrating the Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl. However, the Bears were slightly less good than expected, and didn't even make the playoffs. *sigh* Instead, it's the Patriots vs. NY Giants this year. I can't say I'm completelly thrilled at this matchup(I would have preferred to see the Packers in this game...shh, don't tell any Bears fans) but I'll watch it anyways. I really, really want to say that New York will win. But the facts are stacked against them. The Patriots are the better team in almost every department. I've been hesitant to say it up until now, but the 2007 Patriots could be the best team yet to play the game. When you look at all they've done this year, all the records they set, how they have run over almost anybody they have played with little effort...it's all there. They have to win this one game, though.

Yesterday, the new Nine Miles CD came out, as well as a new pillows single. I can't wait to hear the new Nine Miles stuff, as soon as I can get my hands on it. I've already listened to the pillow's new stuff, and it really isn't as good as some of their previous works. The first two songs on the single are OK, the first one is the only one I really like. It's the third track on the single, "Across the Metropolis" which gets to me. It sounds like a clone of the last track of Wake Up! x3 with a little bit of a melody change. It's also very muted, like they put a bunch of electronic effects on it. Weird. I know they like to play around with their music, but their latest stuff just doesn't hit me like it used to. When I first started listening to them, almost every song hit like a ton of bricks, but now there's only a few per CD that I can listen to repeatedly and not grow tired of them. Hopefully that changes.

Looking out the window is cool right now, all the snow kind of makes the air glow a little bit...

So that's about the whole of things for this weekend

Back to the old routine...

Posted on 2008.01.14 at 14:52
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: "Walking to Do"-Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Ahh, back to class today. Kind of a shock really, after the massive break. I never thought I would say this, but there's almost too much time off on for the Christmas holidays. I had way too much free time over break. Sure, I got things accomplished, I had more time to work, and all of those nice things, but the in-between was killer. Not being able to slide through the day with a set routine like I do when I have classes kind of makes time drag a little bit. On the flipside, I did get to at least visit with everyone I wanted to over the winter break, which was something I really wanted to do. It was good talking to all of you!

But anyways, I think that this semester is going to be great, with the exception of the math classes that I am taking again for the first time in forever. Blah. Alex+Any Math Class=Misery. But I have to take it, so let's get it out of the way. There was also my second English Compisition class and my first science class, an earth science intro course on geology. I love the instructor for that class already, he's really energetic and funny. We're also going to be doing a lot of field work, which means we get to travel around outside of school and do lab work outside of the classroom. That alone is probably one of my favorite aspects of this course and we haven't even taken a trip yet. Plus, it's a class which is mostly people from my transfer student group, which means I know a lot of people already. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to it. Tomarrow I have two more new classes, which are Graphic Design I and Typography. The typography class i'm actually looking forward to, because it's an interesting subject and I want to see what kind of projects we'll be doing there. Altogether, I'm looking at a schedule which runs from 9:00-1:00 PM MF, and 9:00-3:00 TWR. Very similar to last semester, except that I have morning classes every day this time. Hopefully things go smoothly for the rest of the year like they did at the start.

)By the way, the music I'm playing right now is a great tune by a great band. If you like plain nice-sounding, straightforward rock like I do, then check out Ted Leo, he's got some good stuff to listen to.)

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