Easter (_saint_cecilia_) wrote,

Chop Chop. Also, Pirates.*

Chop Chop: I'm considering bobbing my hair. Thoughts?

Pirates: Raised as I was on the North Shore, I am partial to pirates and other sea-faring folk. Love me some shanties, stories about the West Indies, and tales of haunted captain's houses.
However I recently found YA author John Green's brilliant answer to that age-old question: "Pirates or ninjas?"

"Ok- On the one hand we have a bunch of alcoholic peg-leg smokers with scurvy, and then on the other hand we have perfectly trained killing machines in excellent physical condition. So...Ninjas."

I may have been officially swayed. Damn you, sense-making!

*(I would say "and Ninjas," but the ninjas are invisible.)
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