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Attack of the Good News

Ready? In no particular order...

- I'm drawing the cover for the Ye Olde Playhouse of Pain showcase program. I set myself the difficult task of foreshortening something. Foreshortening is haaard I've discovered I can do very well in two hours what a true artist can do very well in 20 minutes...but it does get done. Plus, I love art & crafts by trail & error.

- My lovely sallelite housemate A made me an "angry mix." It starts with Sum 41's "Fat Lip" and goes from there. Only a quick pull of the headphone jack separates my cowokers from streams of obsenity. A, you crazy bitch- you muthafuckin rule!

- Speaking of work...free half a really good chicken sandwhich. Thanks, Corporate America! HOM nom nom nom nom...

- Sandman count: 5 down, 4 to go. I'll tally my thoughts when it's all over but, for now, I'm very much enjoying the ride.

- I'm awake! I have no right to be on the high I'm on right now because I haven't slept. Must remember that the iced coffee from the downstairs restaurant is magical...

- This summer I'll be dramaturging According to Tip for New Rep. A good thing too, because all of my old politic textbooks were feeling sad and neglected.

-I'm going to my mother's tonight. She has a $10 Starbucks gift card for me left over from some holiday, and this is the stated reason I needed to come to her this week. Free coffee money! Also, she will watch Bos vs. NY with me.

- The Yale student's abortion-as-art project is (as I had hoped) a hoax. I can't be bothered with linkage but it's worth looking up if you haven't heard about it. My feelings about the whole debacle are visceral, not moralistic- but I say thank goodness it's not real for the sake of her own body and for the psyches of anyone else who has every needed to deal with abortion in a more thoughtful way.

- I plan to vacuum the apartment again this weekend. Believe me, this is good news.

Those are all the happy thoughts for now! All you travelling types stay safe and have fun!

UPDATE: Yet MORE happy...Passover not only takes people out of town, it also brings them back again! Fomer roommate Aaron and former satellite roommate Christi are coming in from NJ! I dance the dance of the pleased! :)
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