May 28th, 2008

Guerrilla Marketers Took My Shoes

I took an early lunch because I had an important errand to run that involved bolting to the bank on Federal St.

Well, in the lobby of the WTC East were a group of Australians in New Balance apparel, who stopped me and asked me if I wanted to exchange my current sneakers for the new "New Balance 768's."

I was wearing Skechers that I bought at TJ Max for $10. They were slip on and very cute (yes, actually cute...the mesh of the design was lace and ribbon.) In fact, I had just been thinking on Monday of how dirty they were getting and what a shame that was and how I hoped I could replace them when they wore out.

Being pragmatic, decisive, and in a bit of a rush, I consented to having my shoes replaced, figuring that the monetary value of a new pair of running shoes far surpasses that of depreciated TJ Max finds that could theoretically be replaced.

So the Australian guerrilla marketers took my shoes and took my picture in the team leader's funny plastic hat (but didn't have me sign anything consenting to its use, so I don't see how that does them any good)and sent me on my way to the bank.

I ran to the bank (which I would have done in whatever shoes) and managed to roll over my ankle due the unfortunate combination of new, unsupplemented running shoes and slippery dress socks. That made me regret my choice. Plus, I realized I would miss my cute sneakers, which served their own unique purpose (read: slip on) and could not be simply supplanted by these 768 things.

I felt better upon completing my errand (putting money straight into undeserving peoples' bank accounts, which I could have done from any state in the g'damn union had they seen fit to sanction it earlier, not that I am bitter, see locked post.) I also got free Starbucks Pike Place Blend coffee, which filled my quota of free-stuff-that-definitely-isn't-worth-it as opposed to free-stuff-that-gives-you-mild-second-thoughts (free donuts also belong in the latter category, in case you wondered.)

Returning to the office and the internetz, I gave myself good and bad news.
The bad news is that Skechers denies that it ever made the cute shoes I was wearing this morning, and the closest equivalent is $50, so the chances of me replacing them are pretty slim.
The good news is that the New Balance 768's are both a highly anticipated recent update to shoe technology and a $90 value. So I figure I win, though I'll be saving these running shoes until my current (expensive, three-month-old) ones wear out.

Um, this post has been brought to you by New Balance, caffeine, and the hyphen { - }