April 11th, 2008

Meet "Ruby Vroom"

Despite a whole lot of not.sleep, I'm in a very good mood.

To catch you up some... I've got a new bike. Make that a "new" bike. Dingy little stinker, actually. Needs tune ups like whoah. Happily the breaks work and otherwise it moves forward sucessfully.

The bike's a Schwinn, 15 speed, red.

She's a she, despite what the frame might indicate, and her name is Ruby Vroom. You'd better believe she is as cool as sugar free jazz.
(You may not have known, my old bike was called "Rosanante, my noble steed" or, on occaision "Little Green" for Joni Mitchell.)

Back to my Access 2003 class...which will get out early. And by then I think I will be sleepy enough to have a nap upon my return home. Hurray! Happy Friday!