Cosmic Rays

Stella Luna
4 August
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A little Bitty Bio
Name: Alicia
Location: North of Boston MA
Age: Nope
Hobbies: Drawing, Cosplay, writting, acting, not singing
Favorite Dessert: Coconut Creme Pie
Favorite Drink: Anything in a Martini Glass
Favorite Movie: Breakfast At Tiffany's
Favorite Musical: Rent
Favorite Color- Violet (any shade)
Favorite Anime: Neo Genesis Evangelion, Sailor Moon and Pretear,Chrono(Chrno) Crusade
Favorite Book: Sex,Drugs and Coccoa Puffs (great book and I love two of those things sex and coccoa puffs)

Created by: emeraldshine

This is photo taken by and CG by My best friend :)

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