rhuairi (_saf_) wrote,

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those stupid cunts in whitehall made magic mushrooms a class A substance, thats right kids, its now in the same class as synthetic drugs like heroin and crack, whereas you can still go to places like epping forest and pick them out of the ground. the government now gets no vat, the drug dealers will hike the price and as its a class a they'll try and shove some extra goodies with them. at least when you bought schrooms, you knew what you were getting, they were all labelled for where they were from, how strong, what effects, etc. but no we'll have to trust the judgment of some dodgy drug dealer as to what they are. its a free country and if i want to schroom, i should be able to go out and buy this natural plant and trip my tits off.

as with cannabis, once again the man tries to prove that god was wrong.
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