rhuairi (_saf_) wrote,

i knew it would happen, the day they say goodbye, i tried to be nice, i tried my hardest, and all the things you didnt want me to say to you your now doing to me. just pisses me off double standards sometimes, how one person expects so much from you and they throw it back with out so much of a sorry. what if i hadnt done what i'd done. it could have dragged on endlessly, pointless and harsh, shamfull all the same. So why am i bothering? because i felt bad, because i felt sorry, i'd never done that sort of thing before, it was new for me, but you'd been there, you knew what you were doing, you knew what you wanted to do. you dont it, you got your way, like you always tried to. no its over for good, short hellos in packed bar, a wave from across the dancefloor. i still felt like i never trusted you, and ive always thought you'd lied to me, because you said you, you lie you cheat you steal, its who you are, and i never liked that, i hate dishonest people, and your high up there with them. If you dont sort things out, the downfall will begin and you'll have yourslef to blame. You've stopped being a friend, a memory is all thats left. Thats all you are to me now, a memory. At one point it was nice to know you, but now its the be all and end all. x
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