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it begins tomorrow. the start. the new.

it all ends tomorrow.

hold up, stop, remember your past, turn that last page, dot that last i, cross that last t, present, stamp, breathe......

this is it, the end of one life, the start of another. my education finishes, the 5 year plan comes to an end. where now, what now and why? ive run out of plans, so things have to change, a plan shall be formed, rebuilding shall begin with haste, not much, just little things that mean so much but wont be missed.

when i hand in my work, i may feel sad? but why, i knew this was going to end, like school, like college, like uni.....but nothing ends now, its from her i can make my way into life, i liked calling myself a 'stinkin' student lameo'.

the exile from romford is in full swing, new places, new faces, so the boys will live it up this summer, enjoy the air in the sun, girls, gwam and the green green parks are priority, where football and spliffs rule, and sunburn becomes your daily woe.

late nights and late afternoons, relaxing at a job i enjoy, with friends i can call friends, a family that loves me, and my cat who is the one who always listens and never walks away or judges me, i feed her, she listens.

start saving for new things, clothes, phone, car, place of my own to call home. get a job with someone, who pays me well enough for me to be smiling. smile people, we dont do it enough.

fuck me this summer is gonna be the tits.

reach for the lasers! safe as fuck!

(but first to finish my last essay.....)
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