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meh, started the work, stopped, started again, now im doing this to avoid said work. coursework can be really shit if your not in the mood to do it, and i never seem in the mood. the quicker i get this done, the quicker i can have even more fun, and go drive to lots of people around the country, get drunk and be merry, crash on a floor (unless im lucky, which is never), drive back. simple.

my car has no mot, its run out, but i cant be fucked to get it renewed. its only 40 squid, but its the hassel of driving to elm park and having to find something to do in elm park for about 40 mins. now thats hard. also majorly needs a clean, thanks to joey for dropping a spliff on the floor of my car. also needs another service, and i should really get that done before the mot, but then if i concentrate on my car, then i wont do my uni work. need to sell shitloads of stuff on ebay, its pilling up all this shite cds.

priorities! uni work first, car fixed second, the ebay, then have fun. in that order. and all of that hopefully should be done by the 16th may. fat chance.

jon told me a strange dream he had that envolved him becoming a massive serial killer in cranham, move onto london, get found out, take tre and lucy hostage, get found, blow lots of police up, make a getaway in a nearby plane, go to a villa in spain where tre and lucy are still tied up in a room, whilst jon laughs manically. that could be a good film.

attempted to watch all of the election, but its hard to stay awake, i fell asleep soon after romford was announced (gone 2am i think). pity, thought i could be hardcore and go through. i needed more weed for that!
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