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i had one of the best weekends in ages. waking up smiling, knowing i didnt care what happened the night before, because in a couple of hours i was going to disappear again and they'll all wonder who the fuck i was, the guy in the corner chatting to the girls that you wanted to talk to, that you had something with. but dont fuck it up in their faces, they dont like it, rubbing it in can make girls cry, but kebabs and singing sort it all out. amazing seeing one girl with so many kebabs in her arms, and i ruin it all buy 'adding' chips. s'all about silver glitter wigs as well.

15 hours sleep to recover, tidy.

my last ever seminar is tomorrow, people may shed a tear, because thats it folks, ive fucking finished. 3 years of fun, and all i'll get to show is a stupid piece of paper thats supposed to mean i get paid 30% more than someone who doesnt have one of those stupid pieces of paper. real world here i come.

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