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the B2ST effing weekend ever

YAYYY, got back from LA yesterday!!! omg. you guys seriously missed out. Even if you hate kpop, it was soooo ffuuuuuuunnnn :DDDDDDD

On Thursday night, me and my mom went to go pick up the rental car that night.. So i missed Supernatural :C Which i was pretty upset about. D: CAUSE. omg. I missed a new episode T___T. But this weekend totally made up more than enough for my loss of SPN. lol.

And then on Friday morning, Vince came over at around 8ish and then we started our journey to LA! :D
The car ride seriously didn't even feel that long. haha. Idk. We kind of goofed around with the camcorder in the beginning and then slept for a bit, and for the rest of the way, we watched SBS Gayo Daejun 2008 on my laptop. We arrived around 3-4ish. At first we passed the hotel and were surprised to see so much people just standing around in front of the Sheraton. Later we found out that they were all just waiting around for artists to appear or something. Lol.
Man. There were fangirly screams EVERYWHERE. I'm so serious. It's kind of like when there's a fight at MHS, everyone would go "OHHHHH" and then people will run to the source of the sound. Except this time, there were sounds of "AHHHHH" and "OMG!!" and then people will whip out their cameras and run to the source. Haha. It was so surreal, forreals.

Anyways... On Friday night, I had a meetup with this fanforum... aha. :D I'm a staffer there and I offered to make like 125 flags. To support my bbys<33

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It didn't cost that much, really. I just printed them out at Staples and bought bamboo skewers and glued them all together :P And since I was giving them out for free, I made a donation box.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mokie is in the pic cause he was too cute NOT to take a pic of. Haha. Anyways, I ended up getting all the money i spent on the flags back! ^^ With maybe an extra dollar or something... But it was all good. :]

So... the meetup was really shortlived. Really... Just passed out flags and met new people. Ya. haha. Anyways... there was a kpop party going on and I decided to go. I honestly thought it would be like some kind of dance/club scene. But... It wasn't. It seemed more like a panel. LOLOL. BORRINNGGG. So me and sherry left and we hanged out with my friends. :] We were seriously on stalker mode. xD

So, Me, Sherry and my friend (Min) were going back up to my room to get stuff. And then as were going back down the elevator, these ladies came in. We really didn't think anything of it, but as soon as they got off the floor, we looked at their suitcases and it said 'JYP Entertainment' on it! Omgg. I think they were stylists or something, but Min saw Sohee on the other side just before the doors closed. *___* haha. Sohee is really pretty irl, you guys. :D Haha, once we went back down to the lobby we were seriously just freaking out. xD

Anyways... Later that day, I met Emily, who is also a staff at the forum. Haha. That's really who i hung out with this whole time. Just people from the forum :D They were really cool<3
Me, Sherry, Min and Emily just walked around the lobby and hung around the elevators the whole day and it was so awesome! Stars were seriously everywhere~~

We saw Kim Jong Kook at the gym<3 Then we saw Sohee again trying to go up the elevator. And there were random 2PM sightings of them on the elevators too, but there were too much people in the way to see them.. Uhh, who else. Oh yeah. We saw Haha using the elevator also.

KARA came down too, to the gift shop! ^^ They are really pretty too! ^^ And Hara is such a cutie... she kept waving and bowing. and she is seriously skinny. Lol. I think like me, except more taller and prettier. xD

Vince came over to the Sheraton a little later and I told him about all the people we saw and he was like 'really? 0.0' lol. And then some girls started screaming and everyone just ran over there. Vince was just standing around laughing his ass off. Rofll. Fangirls will be fangirls ;0 It was a 2PM sighting apparently, I heard it was Chansung. Idk. Throughout the day, there were just so many random 2Pm sightings. But it was mostly Taec, Chansung, and Junsu. These three were just up and about walking the whole dam neighborhood or something. LOL.

At that point I really, really wanted to see Beast... T^T I was so sad I couldn't catch any of them on Friday. But Sherry got to see them T___T UGH. I was up in our room helping my mom with stuff and I was taking the elevator down. When the doors opened to the lobby, there were so much screaming and I just saw the elevator across from me close and everybody leave. I didn't know what was happening, so I just shrugged it off and when I saw Sherry again she said it was Kikwang and Hyunseung from BEAST! omg. FML. missed them by ONE damn second. ugh. Sherry got some pics, though. Which was cool, I guess. Aha.

But it got better when me and Sherry were taking the elevator back up to our rooms and then Sohee and Yeeun walked into the elevators!! omg! We were seriously just looking at each other like O___O Haha. I asked for a picture, but their manager didn't let us take any T^T But it was still really cool! *____* They are so TALL and PRETTY!! Seriously!

That night... I think we slept around 2:30am ish. :) we were planning on waking up at 4, but then we overslept and ended up waking up at 8. =___= Lol. And then my friend called me and said we just missed Beast that morning. They were eating breakfast at the cafe downstairs. Ugh. fmlfmlfml! T__T But w/e. They told me to come down so we could get breakfast, so we all walked to iHop to get some food into our systems before the concert that day!! :D

I guess my bad luck with Beast was sort of made up with 2PM on Saturday morning. Saw them everywhere, omgosh. xD After iHop, me, Sherry, Min and Emily were walking back to the hotel and then we saw just a whole bunch of fangirls running. And we were like okay, w/e. Lol. We went into rite-aid, just to look at stuff and then holy crap. Junsu was standing in an aisle with his manager!! There were a few girls around him asking for pics and autographs but the manager kept refusing. Anyways... Min totally hates 2PM so she's like. pft. w/e xD And sherry took her cam out, but put it away when they said no cameras. and Emily was hella just chasing after him LOLOL. And I was totally starstruck! Junsu walked right past me in the aisle!! HE WAS SO CLOSE. HAha. OMG *___* He was tall too! And he was wearing matching clothes. Reminded me a lot of Kyle... I think you guys know him. Remember he went to MHS with us and he's gay? Kyle something, idk. But he had some serious matching clothes color coordination going on. Junsu too. xD It was funny. Haha. But ya... Junsu ran out of rite aid and down the street into some secret back door of the Sheraton. And there were a bunch of girls chasing after him too. LOL! ^^ I didn't go after him, I was still in riteaid watching from the inside cause Min was totally unmotivated xDD haha.

But ya. At that point we lost Emily.. She probably went to go stalk somewhere. Later I met up with my other friend, Liz! She came all the way up from Mexico just to see Beast!! So anyways, me, Min, Liz and Sherry were gonna go back to my room because my mom needed something. And let me tell you guys, it takes like 10-15min for the elevators to come up and down. I'm sure it was because there were constantly so much people riding them up and down and just floor hopping. But it was seriously stupid and we got pissed off of waiting so long. So in the end, we ended up using the employee elevators, just because they were faster and no one stopped us from going into the 'employees only' area. Lol. During most of the weekend, we just ended up using the employee elevators. haha. It was the best idea ever!

My room was on the sixth floor and we needed to go down, so we used the employee elevators again. We had such GOOD timing too. omg. When the elevator doors opened, we saw Wooyoung and Nickhun in it!! omgg. They seriously just stared at us like scared puppies, aw. Lol. But the manager was like >:| staring. Haha. I said hi, but they ignored me, so I'm like. ok w/e. haha. I was too scared to ask for a picture and autograph T__T But they are sooo tall! And since Wooyoung was standing behind me, I couldn't really see him, but I could see Nickhun since he wasn't behind me!! I was seriously trying hard not to stare... But I couldn't help it.. I had to steal a glance or two at him. Ahhh~ wahhh. He is so freaking hot. omg. The elevator ride was quiet, except Nickhun, Wooyoung and their manager were talking to each other in Korean and stuff... and my friend Liz seriously couldn't contain herself. LOL! She was giggling and kept trying to cover it with a cough! ROFLROFLl. When we reached the lobby, we walked out of the employees room first, and then we just kind of stood a bit back from the door and watched as Nickhun and Wooyoung came out and then a bunch of fangirls just screaming after them as they power walked into the mall, which was connected to the Sheraton. xD It was so awesome!!

After that, we were all spazzing out. xD It was really cool!

Later that day, everyone had their own plans. Min went to Ktown with her friends, and Liz and Emily just kind of stalked together. As for me and Sherry, we had to go visit some relatives and stuff =___= ugh. Really didn't want to, but eh. Nothing I could do about it. Anyways... Jennifer was with us, and we had to use the wheelchair. Somehow we had to get to the plaza area but we didn't know how to get there with out using the escalators because the elevators just stopped at the lobby -__- lol. So in the end we used the staff elevators again, we just needed to go one floor up. And omg what do you know! Nickhun and Wooyoung in the elevator again!! Except this time they were going up! ^^ The manager was kind of blocking the way, but Wooyoung told him to move when he saw the wheelchair >.< Lol. I wonder if they recognized me. heheheh. :D Twice in one day! It was so awesome!! I really, really wished I could have gotten some autographs or pics or SOMETHING. But eh. Manager = one scary dude. So I didn't ask.

Anyways... we kind of got lost again in the elevators. Lol. My mom was getting hella pissed off because she couldn't get to the plaza! xD Somehow we ended up back at the lobby and at that point she was all >:0!!!!! haha. But we asked an employee and he told us that we used the wrong elevator, it was the one on the left side, not on the right. So we had to go back to the employee elevators and omg BEAST was on the room!!!!!! al;ksjfhhs;kjh;akhf. omg I was SO starstruck D: I was just standing there, looking at all of them, it didn't register to me that I should ask for an autograph until way later!!! >.< I was staring at Doojoon and I was talking really quietly... idek why. lol But I was like "uhhmm... can i get an autograph" and i made like a signing hand gesture cause i didn't know if he understood me. But he looked at me and smiled and was like "Sign?" and I nodded and he said "Ya, okay!" Omfgg. he is so effing cute!! And i was so happy! I took my album out and was about to hand him my sharpie and then their manager came in! Doojoon said something to him and then the manager looked at me and said 'ah, no, sorry." omg T___T fml. seriously. If I hadn't seriously just stood there, I could have gotten autographs!! D: and then Doojoon turned around and said sorry to me. boooo. Ahhh. I still can't get over the fact that I was so close to getting an autograph from him... :C Really upset. But at least i got to talk with him, and I saw all the other Beast members too. ^^ <33 I'm really happy about that!!

Anyways... they had to leave for rehearsal or something and they were talking to the manager of the hotel... Lol. I was kind of eavesdropping since me and my mom were still waiting for the elevator. xD haha. But yeah. >.< The hotel manager was getting so frustrated cause he had no idea what they wanted to do. Youngbok, their manager, didn't know English I guess, so Doojoon was the one trying to explain. haha. Seriously, his English is so effing cuute!! <33
The hotel manager was so POed. -__- lol. He was like "You guys want to go up one floor? Why don't you use these elevators?" and then Doojoon was like. "No, we want to go outside. up." Except he said it all fobby with an accent. xDD At first I didn't understand what he had wanted either, I thought he wanted to go use the outside elevators too. lol. Anyways, the manager was like "No, wait. I don't understand why you can't use these elevators to go up one floor! When you guys go outside, you cause so much chaos!" >.< At that point I wanted to just shove that guy. Ugh. Don't yell at my bbys. Dx And then Doojoon. omg. He's such a sweetie, I swear. He said, "because fans are out there." ajkfgakljdgf. Seriously. I love him forever. What an ANGEL. At that point I kind of half smiled and half smirked for some unknown reason.. aha. But I think the hotel manager saw me and then sighed and he was like, "okay, fine." and then a few seconds later. Beast ran out of the room and there was loud screaming. <33 rofl. ^^

And then the elevator came down and as me and my mom were going up, Sherry called me and said Beast was outside!! Haha. She got a fancam too! And then i told her I was in the room with them a few seconds ago!! ^^ Ahh~ Even though i couldn't get an autograph, I was seriously just happy to have seen them! Be in the same room with them! and even talked to Doojoon! sorta. LOl. :DDD

Lol. anyways, I was soooooo happy!! :D for the rest of the day, I spent the whole day with relatives and stuff. I told them that I had to be back by 3:30 for another meetup at the bowl. And they agreed, but then I ended being late and showed up to the bowl at 4:30. :( lol. But it's okay. I made it, got my tshirt, passed out my flags and talked with my friends! It was all good~

Apparently, Vince was already inside the bowl and had already went to the seat. And then my friend, Min, she had two extra garden box tickets because people dropped out last minute on her. It really sucks because that's over $300 loss of money :C She had the last row of Garden Box, I think. I didn't mind joining her, but since I had front row terrace seats, there really wasn't much of a difference. Seriously don't trust pictures... All these seats are WAAAYY closer than they look. My tickets were actually pretty good!! Hah. Anyways, Min got a call from Emily, since she bought a ticket from Min, and said that they relocated their seats because they had to put the camera there. And they got moved up to Pool circle!! omg! ^^ And since she had two extra tickets she gave them to me and Sherry!! We were SO lucky! We were hella right next to the stage!! If you look at the AKP pictures they recently posted up, you can see me and my friends up in front waving our b2uty flags!! xDD i ended up giving my two terrace tickets to my other friends who i knew were staying up in the F1 bench area! They were so happy too! ^^ lol.

The concert was so fun! i had a GREAT time. It was totally worth all the money I spent on this trip. lol. The first part was some kind of Korean drumming, and since we were so close to the stage, we got some pics of the performers and kind of chatted with them before they started playing. lol. And then Clara C came out to sing the anthem, and some old Korean people came out to sing the Korean anthem. They have really nice voices! Actually EVERYONE sounded so good! I didn't notice anything bad, really. I was totally expecting at least 2PM to sound a bit horrible just cause.. it's 2PM rofl. but they were surprisingly really good! :D Anyways, after the anthems, Nicole and Haha came out to MC. Me and Emily were totally spazzing out because we saw Beast standing near the backstage entrance on stage, they were getting ready to perform! :DD I was kind of sad that they had to perform first, but kind of happy at the same time since I ran out of camera batteries near the middle of 2PM's performance and had to result in using our crappy ass phones... T__T

But BEAST was so good!! The first song they performed was Easy! It was totally unexpected! But I guess they were getting ready to perform their new ballad song~ It was really good! At first i was kind of sad that they used the catwalk most of the time, leaving the people in the pool circle with just their backs, but it was all good because they performed the rest of the stage in front of us!! xD The next song they performed was Mystery and it was AWESOME too! :D omg. I really can't remember too much of it. Because idk. I was just really out of it and screaming my head off and waving my flag like a madman. rofl. But yea. After that, they performed Shock!! I saw that Junhyung was trying so hard NOT to smile. xD It was soo cute. IT'S OKAY BBY, I WANT TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SMILE! It was nice because the fanchants were so LOUD! WOOT. GO B2UTIES!! I'm sure they were all happy~ Haha. And then in the end, I saw Doojoon and Dongwoon kind of bump into each other when they were gonna go out into the catwalk again. Haha. cute 8) They are really handsome and tall and just awesome... Lol. No words to describe. Seriously. :P As they ended their performance, they all went back and omg Dongwoon touched Sherry's hand. T__T Lol. Jealous, but that's okay. xD ahaha. It was really cool~ Ahh. I am SO satisfied. Nothing beats seeing them LIVE. Youtube is nothing compared to this. i am so happy i got to see them live. I'm really, really happy. :) They are amazing. Great dancing and vocals. I love them even more, if that was even possible Lol. I hope I can see them perform live again! :D next year, maybe? Hehehe

Anyways, after Beast, some old people performed. I was surprised to find that i was actually enjoying their performances. I was totally expected to be bored, but it was fun! I ended up screaming for all the performers! They were all really good! Old and young :D At some point I lost my voice... ahhhaa. my throat was feeling hella raw and stuff, but i suddenly found it again when Beast showed up at the end. LOL. Anyways, I don't remember the particular order, but Leessang performed, and they were good~ The girl singer was really pretty ^^. Oh yeah. Haha performed too! omg that guy was hilarious. seriously. He performed a song with kim Jong Kook too and he was just hella feeling him up. ROFL! Kim Jong kook's voice is really good~~ And his backup dancers were really cute. Lol. Me and my friends were just staring and screaming at them and they were all smily sorta. Haha. awww~ At some point one of the dancers bended down and gave us highfives. yay! haha. Ohh yaa. and I was so surprised that KJK performed lovable. i LOVE that song!! :D It was really cool, because at one point he pointed the microphone into the audience and the whole crowd sang the lines ^^ this song is awesome. :]

Ohh KARA was good too! Lol. Okay I have to stop saying that because I'm pretty sure you guys know that EVERYONE was good! :P Anyways, they are really pretty~ They performed Lupin, Mister, and Honey! :D Seungyeon was lipsynching and she wasn't using her right arm... Like throughout their whole performance, she just kept it behind her and had to do all her dance moves backwards >.< I wonder what happened to her? D: Sick or something? Maybe? :< idk... either way, she did a great job. :) Nicole knows how to move her hips. damn. and the Mister dance is really sexy live. LOL. Especially since they're doing it right in front of my face -___- rofl. I saw the security guard steal a glance and kind of stare. It was funny. xDD

When 2PM came out, the crowd went SUPER wild. They were all wearing sexy black outfits and it's true that they are all ripped... haha. Some were wearing wifebeaters and others were wearing tshirts, but either way, they got damn fine arm muscles going on. LOL. They performed Again and Again, Heartbeat, Without You and Friday Night. I loved the without you perf!! totally in love with that song.. :] lol. But yea.. there was also a joint performance with 2PM and KARA too :D idk what they were singing but it was some kind of support Korean soccer song. idk. HAha.

Hmm... I thought when 2Pm came out, the crowd was already wild. But holy crap, when the Wonder Girls came out, everyone just went batshit. -___- ugh. Hella pushing and shoving. I didn't think wonder girls were THAT popular. haha. They performed their old usual songs, but they announced that they're coming out with a new album in the May :D They performed So Hot, Tell Me and of course Nobody. Before they performed Nobody, they taught everyone the dance and everyone was dancing to it. A couple of times Yoobin and Sunye pointed at me at the 'you' part. It was awesoemeeee. we made eye contact and everything hahahaha alkdgh;a. Everyone knew the lyrics to these songs... I mean who wouldn't? They've been out since forever, the Wonder Girls didn't even needed to sing, just dance. Lool. It was cool~ Yoobin got skinnier. And Lim wasn't as bad as I thought she would be, but she still doesn't really seem to fit in. Lol. The Wonder Girls are soooo pretty. Prettier than KARA and even SNSD, maybe. But yeah... They're gorgeous, slim, and tall. beautifuullll.

The Wonder Girls were the last to perform, and then everyone came out at the end and they sang all these different songs! :D i forgot what they sang, but I knew all of them! Haha.
Omg. Doojoon came out with his camcorder, i'm sure they were recording for Almighty!! Since me and my friends were in the front waving our flags around, he pointed the camera at us and smiled!! omg!! <33 I hope we get on the show! LOL. But yea. He's so hot. ugh. Hot and sexy, all of them. Anyways, Emily gave her flag to Doojoon and he started waving it around xD and then she grabbed my flag and gave it to Kikwang and he started to wave it around too. Haha. They're so cuuutee~ I saw Dooseob on the other side of the catwalk just filming each other with their camcorder. haha~ And I heard Dongwoon was taking the cameras from fans and taking selcas of himself for them! Aww~ T__T and then in the end, when they were all walking back, I saw Seob reach down to touch some one and this girl just totally grabbed him and didn't let go. He was hella tugging his arm back. -__-- lol. bad fangirl D:

Anyways... then the show ended. lol. There were supposed to be fireworks at the end, but something went wrong. so idk. w/e. After the show I was suppose to go to some allkpop fan forum meeting thing cause I was one of the representatives, but it got canceled or something. idk. But w/e. Me, min and sherry took the metro subway back to the sheraton and yeaa. We kinda stayed in the lobby for a few min and then i found out that all the artists had already came back. Lol. oh well. That night I think we slept at 3am... and we were totally going to wake up at 5am the next day but we ended up waking up at 8 again. -__- lol.

So we found out that 2PM already left, but some reason Chansung was still there and no one knew why, but then I found out he lost his passport. LMFAO! How sad. Everyone had to leave without him xDD haha. Andd I totally wanted to get a glimpse of BEAST leaving, me and Sherry were hella stalking their manager when he came out, but we missed Beast, we were in the lobby when they came out in the plaza T^T sucks, but oh well. I hope they had a safe trip back home ^^

Yepp. And then we drove home at 10:30 I think and I got back around 4-5ish? Hahh. :]
Ugh. After such a GREAT weekend, I am totally not ready to go back to school D:

Here are some pics I took:
Don't want to repost them here because that would take forever. :C Just go to the link ^

And i uploaded a bunch of vids on my youtube ;00
our seats were so close that we didn't even use zoom most of the time! hah~

Anyways, I have some HQ vids of Beast and 2PM performances but they're taking forever to upload, so I'll post them next time >.<
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