dissatisfaction with health care

Really it is maddening what the health care system in this country will cover without thinking twice and what I need to pay ASTRONOMICAL amounts of $$$ for.

Our health care system needs a SERIOUS retooling.


Just Jared

what a big week for Jared:
Eating like a champ
Started making more sounds
Just starting to do the "comando" crawl
One tooth broke through- can't see the tooth itself, but you can see and feel the line where it is.
My boy is growing up!


so I'm in the market for some sort of PDA.
anyoe use them?
any recommendations on brand?
I need medical (specifically drug and OB/GYN) software,
to keep track of patient lists and prescribing info.

any sugestions?
um, and yea, I'd prefer not to spend an absolute fortune.


la de da...

still no internet access
still with a broken computer

hot water heater still on the fritz
will work if futzed with
but will also spew gallons and gallons
of water on the floor
(like over 25)
if it stays on too long.

two babies in 30 minutes last night

another one on it's way today

seventh one in 10 days, busy week

samson the cat continues to be houdini and escape from the house (and lead percival outside too) at all hours of the night.

other than that,
things are pretty status quo.

miss you all, though.
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Still here......

With no computer at home,
and nearly no access at work.

Miss you all,
Was FABULOUS to see a lot of you at the wedding,
which was very very moving.

I was so happy for those two people I love so much

miss you all

ummmmmmmmmm, nevermind.

since my tix were comped, they no longer exist.

Bjork show Moved To FleetBoston Pavilion...
Bjork was scheduled to perform at Suffolk Downs Sunday. However, due to extremely poor ticket sales and other excuses, Bjork moved her show to the much smaller Fleet Boston Pavilion. All tickets purchased for the Suffolk Downs show will be honored. Unfortunately WBCN listeners who won their tickets from us have been shut out because the venue is now too small. Your tickets will not be honored. Although it is out of our control, we apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate you listening to 104.1 WBCN.