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freshers week

hello in a library, its scary, i swear u cud hear a mouse fart from outside the building.

its been a while since i have updated this so i will keep i tquite simple and to the point....

started freshers week all alone, not even a whisper. went to preston to see ben and mike, beamen and ben went along (by the way u two napster is interconnected), funny night out until i got losed, had three men make passes at me, got scared met hyper mike and fell asleep in his amazing en-suite room (i guess its suite when u ave ur own throne).

went back to sheffield and got pissed and hung out my window on the third floor....huray i saw people in yonder distance, called out to them, smashed my pint pot, sat in pub with new peeps bleeding every where.

okay night and the guy i met that night is insane, chris, complete loon!

to explain wot i mean by this, i came home with a girl (tina) after goin to a club (the 5th ave eqivalent is 2mins away, feckin cool) and decided to get some nookie. he and keegan (his roomie) decide to wake me up using my intercom, broke into my halls by waking up one of my roomies and attacked me and her with a Co2 fire extingushier.


still we get on like a house on fire (even though i had 2 pay £20 for the extingusher as we used the rest of it 2 have a fight and got caught off security). my roomies are great, dani is stunning (oh one roomie is called Racheal Chu lives in bramhall, went school with palmer, so n e 1 who went school with palmer may know here) ne way me and dani get on like we've known each other for ages and it seems like a love hate relationship is goin on (cud be some nookie for me there?).

hopefully will meet ben 2moz, hes goin the music in sheff, just signed up for FUTSAL and TAE KWON DO, so it'll be fun. am cumin back to manchester next weekend (about 8th oct) so if anyones up for a night out, send us a text, still got some crazy stories for ya.

ps: check this website (could be and look for me stoned as a motherfucker on a pick with the dudes i met out here

adios amigos
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