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The years were not years they were dice and were blades
and I found myself avoiding them
on major roads and subways.

The sky like an ice cream changes colors overhead
a new favor every year
until all years are dead.

And as summer becomes autumn becomes winter becomes fall
I myself am older
without having aged at all.

I used to hate carrots and now I hate peas
When I'd talk out of turn
you were there to fix me.

Just this morning i spoke of the snow on the moon
I went on and on forever
I went on and on for you.

When I live forever I hope to have this talk again
thinking back so fondly
on the years where I began.
ice, cubes

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my life is the story of the tide,
waxing and waning all through the night.
you come at me with tales and stories,
but they dont frighten me at all.
ive been coming and going since i was a boy,
cutting my own way down the street with a knife.
ice, cubes

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i wed you in the early afternoon,
beneath the parsley tree.

your father cried and your
mother smiled
a special smile for me.

late that night you came to me
hair lovlier than a tree
and in sweet surrender sang to me
a song most curiously

and with what started as a grin
i watched your peckish face
the expression that you held there
seemed increasingly misplaced
and the lyrics then

"deep within my childhood
I met a man
so wet with sweat and licorice
i could not help but take him in
he was gone before the morning
but he left a note that read

"'my name is the parakeet
my body is my own
while love may be around you
dont keep your dreams your own
but also a wary eye upon how others speak
my name is the parakeet
and my body is too free'

"for half the world I loved you
with what seemed like love to me
but inside of the autumn
half the world was not so free
with bats upon my curtails
and the color red upon my brow
i take my leave of you and love
a vagabond to be.

"you gave me something safe to hold
but i am not a holding girl
i will travel with the sea turtles
and never travel home
my love is yours and your love mine
but my love is also made for me
to give to flowers and to plants
to god and man and after that
to keep a bit for me"

and after that you silenced up
still-looking up at me
and with a kiss and a moments
were gone so gracefully
and i alone was such a fool
to think i could catch love
and you, too, such a fool
to think i would not

summer passed beneath the parsley tree.
ice, cubes

a tulip slid around your tender heart

the world was turning darker still, when suddenly
like a grand elastic trail,
the path of Ivory and Gold, it leads us down, it leads us cold.

And into eyes of serpent's gaze, past the time-placed motorcade,
the stretch of land
stretched deeper still,

pierced your heart and rended his.

and far apart the two did land, with memory a dull and
useless thing.
where lives and deaths meant so much less, and you, in that Beautiful green dress..
would pick and choose
your happiness,

moments passing with the breeze,
days that vapor-like are free.

Where Earth and Time stood sturdy once now rumble from foundations set
before your birth and 'fore your love,
when essence was merely what it was, and purpose quiet and purpose still
were not enough to hold you there.

I've seen the stretching of the days,
from ice to warmth to ice again.
when Life makes sense, sense makes us see
Life isn't what it's meant to be.

and with the crash comes love and hate, and also midnight
set so deep
upon its leering perch of pearl, from whence it lashes and bears its teeth
at travelers
like you or i, who seperate try
to peer into his murky bowls, and siphon meaning from yet untold.

for all your deep set tragedy, you're so much simpler to me.
and in the shallow waves of dawn,
a kiss.
ice, cubes

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"It's time!"
And with a shout,
the giant seasnake slithered out!

Heave once, heave twice,
against the wall!
From barracks mighty and castles tall.

And in the sky arrows cut the clouds
Where angry gods from ancient tales
did make their homes; now scuttle forth
to smite the earth both near and far
and carve a cavern
upon dear Gaia's pocked face.

Let loose the fiery dragons three!
Launch the farms to misery!
And in the eerie still of night,
let Goblins roam to their delight.

From thatched roof to stone enclave,
blood will flow thick and clean toady.
What with it's glossy sheen of red,
a toast to all the fallen dead!

A toast, a toast! To the fallen dead!
Now roast the pig and wet our glib!
A feast to last the whole month long,
and then the coming of the dawn
will find us fat and fed and full,
a fine meal for the Serpent's gut!
ice, cubes

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i ate you,
yes i did,
big and fat and fat and big
you were,
in the middle of the night,
as i stole you from your room.

it was great,
oh, what a meal,
with a gargle in my throat
i yelled,
and you subscribed to nothing,
as i dragged you to the moon.

words of terror,
words of love,
all the words we'll never trade with
one another,
you're keeping your mouth shut now,
i'm holding my feelings in.

on a star,
yes indeed,
we travelled on a star in days
gone by,
now we only crawl around in rags,
dance a special dance for noone.

in your ears,
as if you never would have come here
if i had,
youve lost your way and gone amiss,
in your desperation to avoid me.

little lies,
and i feast,
give myself away to lurid fantasy
of you,
and in the middle of the night,
i steal you from your room.
ice, cubes

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oh, woW~!

A jelly kid, and i so wonder where you went; into this vent, did you go???

meet me in the immaculate tide, where we shall fall together as one
together as one
together as one
we shall fall together as one in the immaculate tide.

oh, i can so remember, every smell that i used to smell
every mind that i tore my teeth into
every body that i dug my claws into, sunk my fingers into,
that warm flesh.

and if you can recall, i think i was your friend,
i think we used to talk all the time

and if you can recall, i think we drank our wine together
drifting on the rafters that stayed afloat

havent we been here once before?
these weary plains which we both stumbled upon,
surveying the passionate sins that left such blood behind

oh havent there been undying deeds speaking undying words from
lip to ear; the skin unites

our bodies mesh,

our minds turn away. yet again.
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Salty Altar

"are you with me?!" in the moonlight
the men shout and raise their oars

pistols to the moonlight
riflebutts to the moonlight

strokeing in the moonlight the waves
lap upon crystal shores

and murkily, so murkily
the prey draws nearer still
enbalmed in studded darkness

quilted beneath ruby darkness

waiting atop jeweled darkness

for the hunters to come by.

"we're with you!!" in the moonlight
all hell could hear their cries

feet met shoreline in the darkness
gnawed away by burning torch, and

no sooner had the first platoon
set foot in underbrush

than the first alarmed remarks arose,
angry and terrified

yes, no sooner had they been led there
then were they cut down without sword

without gun and without bow that night
no mans musket hit a foe

and murkily, so murkily
it drifted out to see

the crimson blood of sailors - hunters -
set to slay the mystery.