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Inception, great movie, loved it. Had a few quips about it though. Can't discuss or I spoil the entire thing. I guess it's just best to compare some of the physics and rules the Matrix explained. Spoilers ahead!

For instance, if it's all in their heads, why couldn't they bend the rules more? I know Nolan knows this, but for the sake of not having next to absolute chaos I guess he opted for more realistic physics in the dream worlds. I need to see it again, but from what I can recall, changing one's appearance was never explained either. Even when their dreams were in dreams, the physics of the dream of the dream only applied to the previous dream layer. So, if someone had DBZ on their mind or zombie apocalypse on their mind constantly, wouldn't that just contradict everything?

Now, I like how they explained the processes and methods of a dream, such as how the mind believes it to be real up until you wake up and you know it's not. But I've had dreams where I truly believed I could actually fly. Felt the wind, smelt the air, the exhilaration, so why couldn't they just fly at will? Maybe it ties into the whole architect thing, and maybe it just contradicts it.

Going into layer upon layer of dreams. Now, a dream chemical shouldn't be able to create an entirely new dream world layer. But then it once again ties into the mind believing the dream to being absolutely real, therefore the mind thinks the Inception machine thingy will do what you know it to do by entering you into a simultaneous dream based on another. But what if I had no idea what the damn thing was? Then what would my mind do with this "dream machine?" Nothing? I mean, how could a dream version of a dream machine make me dream in my dream if I don't know it to be a dream machine?

And of course, let's not forget once simple fact. You can't read in a dream as it involves the other side of the brain not partaking in the dream. C'mon Nolan! Is there something I'm not seeing?!

I look forward to discussing this movie for a while with others who've seen it.
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