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the radio leads a feel good revolution

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i am too shy when i dont know you and i am too loud when i do.
i could not deal with my day without diet coke.
i love fashion but i loathe shopping.
i have been "diagnosed" with adhd and i think its really funny.
i am completely obsessed with disneyland.
i dislike little kids.
i can never get my hair to be the way i want it so i usually end up cutting it all off.
i have become a chainsmoker over the past 6 months for no apparent reason.
i like classical music.
i also like to start things and not finish them.
i have been fired from 3 psychologists.
i enjoy dressing up and wearing false eyelashes.
i love to spray paint bad words on my clothes.
i have a collection of jesus candles. offensive to some, hilarious to most.
i drive a baby blue '91 mercedes that can never fully operate correctly.
i have a brother that is 16 months younger than me and is my best friend.
i have a chihuahua named madison that is medically obese.
i have a mom that is crazy and a dad that is so oblivious to everything.

...so thats basically it.