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11 January 2012 @ 11:24 pm
so the last time i did a post about hockey which was somewhat spamish was this post on who would you do mmmm. this time it's for raquel who wants to learn a little bit about the sport that will forever be my life ♥

i wasn't sure how to do this exactly. hockey is BIG and i don't want to be too biased but hey, that comes with all sports :) i know you don't want theological lessons but for the most part you should know that there are six players on the ice/floor at a time: one goalie, two defensemen, three forwards. i broke down the players you should know by position :)


ryan miller

he is an amazing goalie who puts up great numbers and saves every night he plays. rarely will he have a night where he lets in more than 3 goals. he plays for the buffalo sabers who are a consistent team but need a little more firepower if they ever want to win the cup. ryan miller was the single reason why canada almost lost in the 2010 olympic finals... almost ;)

roberto luongo

i know this choice may seem biased as he plays for vancouver but luongo (affectionately called luoooooooo :3) gets hated on because he plays with his heart on his sleeve. he's emotional. when he's having a rough night, you can tell by the slump of his body, by his face. but when he's on - he's on. luo helped team canada win the olympic gold in 2010 and is one of the reasons why canucks have been consistent over the last few seasons.

(the fans chant 'luoooooooooooooooooo' after he saves. it's really awesome tbh)

henrik lundqvist

besides being gorgeous as fuck, king henrik as fans call him is probably one of the most underrated goalies only because his team isn't the greatest. they're a good team but imo, only because they have him. he saves them night after night. he plays for the new york rangers.


nicklas lidstrom

he is the definition of a defenseman; providing both defense and offense, a game changer and has been doing it for 20+ season now. if i could make him canadian, i totally would (he's swedish). on top of that, he's humble and sincere but still a great leader. he plays for the detroit redwings

(such a sexy goal)

drew doughty

drew doughty... he is my baby. my baby i watched during the world juniors, my baby i watched the draft for. he plays for the LA kings. he is one of the most traditional defensemen out there right now. it's hard to get by him with his big body, hard checks, and pure determination. he has a bullet of a shot that i would be scared as fuck of if i was a goalie tbh.

shea weber

i get into arguments at work about shea weber all the time. he plays for nashvile predators. he plays like an old school defenseman. it's hard to get past him and his shot.... O_O he's a lot like drew in that sense, just a bit older. his slapshot has ripped through the net before... no joke.

duncan keith

he is one of the reasons why i hate playing the chicago blackhawks. not only does he watch forwards (our forwards) like a hawk but he can score too. very dangerous but always good games against chicago for sure.

kris letang

i really like kris on a personal level. he was a close friend to luc bourdon, a canucks player who died a few years ago. on a hockey level, he plays for the pittsburg penguins who honestly right now are staying a float because of players like him. the entire team is injured, including the best, but thanks to kris they are still fighting. he dedicated the cup win to luc ♥

erik karlsson

another good defensemen in the league right now. ottawa senators aren't a very good team but they definitely lucked out with him.


sidney crobsy

he's been hailed as the best since wanye gretzky who is the greatest player to have ever laced up a pair of skates. personally, i do not like crosby but it's hard to deny his talent. here i'll just show you:

the infamous

alexandre ovechkin

to me, alexandre ovechkin is the best. okay so he hasn't won a championship nor a gold medal but he's the game changer, the player you'd bet your money on to clutch up and score. he's so entertaining and you can tell he pours his heart into every game. i love his passion. the crosby v. ovechkin debate will never die but they are two of the best for sure.


#3 is my favorite

daniel & henrik sedin

you might have noticed they are twins... and two of the best players in hockey right now. they make each other so much better but perform just as well without each other. watching them play, sometimes you feel like they can read each others minds, knowing where one will go so the other can set him up. two years in a row, they won the best player in the league, one year henrik, one year daniel :D personally i like henrik better.

(ahhhh i love this video. gives me shivers~ my city. my team ♥)

steven stamkos

steven stamoks is in the crobsy/ovechkin category for me and better still, he's younger. he's got a lot of heart and passion and straight up skill. what makes him even more amazing is that after the first bit of his first season where the stupid ass coach benched him for no reason, after the coach was fired, he began lighting it up every game. just proves what you can do once you're off the bench.

pavel dastyuk

he's sooooo much fun to watch! and the best part is that he's so quiet and humble yet he'll pull this crazy move that not even the most cockiest of players will try. he's underrated for sure but he's the main reason why detroit is so hard to beat. best stick handler ever.

anze kopitar

this is probably more of a personal choice but i love anze. he's so underrated. on a team like the kings (omg my babiesssssss), a team that isn't the best by far, he's probably the best player for sure. he's got so much talent and skill. i really hope he's the reason why they win a cup... and soon

look at this assist:

jarome iginla

jaaaaarooooommmmmeeeeeee! i love this man so much. i always have. great captain, leads by example whether it be with goals or hits or fights or whatever. he does everything and still manages to get 30+ goals each season (for the last ten seasons... that's O_O). he's won two olympic gold and was influential in both wins. love you, iggy~ (and he just scored his 500th career goal!)

okaaaaaaaaaaay i think i'm done... are you tired? because i sure am! but i had so much fun doing this :D

time for bed i think :p

miss_black91miss_black91 on January 12th, 2012 09:44 am (UTC)
omg lots of players and lots of things! Thank you love, I will make sure I study this post :P

(You enjoyed thisssssssssssss :P)
.r._runningmascara on January 14th, 2012 06:44 pm (UTC)
i hope sooooooo :D

of course i did! i LOVE hockey. more than i love becks *nods* (sorry becks, ilu too!)

so when can i spam you with moreeeee hockey??? i'm going to the canucks vs. la kings game on tuesday so i will spam you with pictures then too :D
kiki: Keith Pitchsadwal1538 on January 12th, 2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
DUNCS!!! <3

Awesome post! I love the gif of Ovie swimming on the ice.
.r._runningmascara on January 14th, 2012 06:25 pm (UTC)
i think him and seabs are one of the best defensive partners in the league right now for sure. i was going to put kane and toews on here too. i've totally warmed up to them :p

so cute :3
kiki: Kane/Toews Hugsadwal1538 on January 14th, 2012 07:22 pm (UTC)
They certainly are a great defensive team. Kane and Toews are another great pair. They certainly work well together. And they certainly are adorable.
Susie Carmichaelsumrndmgrl on January 13th, 2012 07:11 am (UTC)
damn. the gretsky in training kid is impressive and i don't even know much about the sport

the two green guys though? lol i'm f'n DYING looking at that gif over and over and over...

just the other day i was watching a sports show talking about the "enforcers" in hockey and how their job is to fight and protect the star. most of them hate fighting but don't speak out until after they are retired. idk. it was interesting.

the "adios bitches" gif rivals some i've seen of Mou driving his imaginary car lol

good post!
.r._runningmascara on January 14th, 2012 06:29 pm (UTC)
he's definitely on his way to breaking more records if he comes back from injury. definitely impressive (i just dislike him though XD)

the green guys... LOL. okay so they are from here and during the last two seasons they would come to games dressed in these suits and piss the fuck out of players in the penalty box. over night sensations tbh lol

enforcers are a tricky kind of breed in hockey. some of them suck so bad and are only good in fighting, and it's sad to see. a lot of those kinds of players were around in the late 90s, early 2000s but now it's meshed into players who can score and be stars who are also throwing big hit and fighting too. fighting, although highly entertaining, needs to stop or be cut down. sometimes it's just useless and delays a good game.