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DH spoilers, spread them like influenza?

Yeah, like probably a good half of the fandom, weak-willed little me has submitted herself to 1. all the chapter titles and 2. THE EPILOGUE SCANS OF DOOM. If you haven't and wanna see them, go over to elaboration's or fraught's LJ :-D (Come on~! Let go of your self restraint~ Weak mind loves company~)

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Oh and yeah I saw OOTP. I liked some of it (movie!Lucius fares much better than his canon counterpart in my mind, DE's are generally cooler, and much love for Kreacher!), loathed some other (poor Cho!!!), and eye-rolled at a great deal more (NO HARRY YOU ARE NOT A BAD PERSON! GRAWP, AWWWWWW, SO HARMLESS AND HERMIONE-LOVING, RIGHT YOU ARE!). But overall it has upped my anticipation for the final book, so it's all good :-)
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Happy Birthday Mr. DM

... although I'd rather he be remembered more as Mr. DB from the next book onward ;-)
Oh, and, just wanna say how much I love the fact that his wand personality really does fit him! It's meant to be!

"Hawthorn people are mercurial, innovative, creative and confident. Easily bored, they crave mental stimulation and challenge. They are eloquent and gifted performers, exuding natural charm."

Although, the above are similar things people say of Gemini people. Oh well what's important is that they fit him!

Did the Draco birthday poll and was lol when I saw the answers of some familiar names. I love you guys!
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Drama queen

When I do a public post, you know that...

...something must've been said about Draco ;-)


Since there are so many different versions flowing around, I don't know if this is 100% word-by-word, but it can't be too far off considering the source. So this is what Rowling has said about the rat-faced boy:

Rowling did hint that Harry's archrival, Draco Malfoy, who was supposed to commit the murder but failed at the last moment, has a chance at redemption. (Wow, wonder how/why the MTV guy got to this conclusion, though I am definitely not complaining here X-D)

"Harry believes that Draco, even given unlimited time, would not have killed," she said. "But for Draco's future, you'll have to wait and see."


This is yet another big emphasis on Rowling's part that Draco just wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't have killed Dumbledore, and I am pretty sure she meant this as a good thing instead of Draco-is-just-too-cowardly/pathetic/incompetent-to-finish-off-the-old-man.

But for Draco's future, you'll have to wait and see.


...no not really, because for *anything*, even something as minor as the bloody point of Neville's penis-likepet plant we'll have to wait and see. HELLO?! But the point is, Rowling seems to be saying that Draco's future (he has one?!) is something that will take up enough space in the last book for those of us who give a shit to wait and see for. Riiiight? Well, maybe the whole deal is gonna be like, two sentences long. But regardless, this Draco fan here is v. excited right now X-D
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Happy Birthday, Draco Malfoy!

Save for the occasional comments in some of your ljs, I might have been as good as dead to my corner of HP fandom. And to think, that exactly one year ago I was squeeing like I just won jackpot over the pleasant surprise that was Rowling wishing Draco Subhuman Malfoy happy birthday on her website, and that less than one year ago we were all feeling very pleased (huge understatement) and smug (also understatement) about having liked the "right" characters all along- right as in 'getting interesting developments or developments at all in HBP'.

... so what happened?

*ponders for 10 minutes and brain remains blank*
*oh wait it has been blank for years*

Fandom has not changed all that much really, Draco Malfoy to some is still a coward for not killing Dumbledore, criticizing Ginny Weasley and/or J.K. Rowling (in terms of backlash generated the two acts have a positive correlation approaching 1.00) still makes you a jealous, anti-canon wanker who's likely a Harry/Hermione shipper, and who definitely should just stop reading the books. The biggest difference is that now with the possible exception of certain folks over in FW most people seem to opt for telepathic debate. Like this:

Random person X: Stupid comment that either got snitched or linked to for my entertainment.
Moi: *rolls eyes* *tells the person to shut up and get a brain replacement, in my head*
Random person X: No you shut up.
Moi: Oh you heard?

Okay so I didn't exactly get a feedback from random person X, but they should always be wary of adversaries who are too damn lazy to even lift their f'king fingers. Er.

Anyway, I was mighty pleased with myself last night when I painstakingly printscreened and saved 'Happy Birthday' and 'Draco Malfoy' from Rowling's website. Yes, I am definitely still insane :-D
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Been re-reading Pride and Prejudice. Since the last time I read it was years before my Slash Boom, I hadn't realized at that time what a cute couple Darcy would've made with Bingley :-P Saw Brokeback mountain awhile ago... I had a lot to say about it after I came out of the theater, but am not in the mood to talk seriously at the moment (my serious moods seldom last longer than 10 minutes, oh the shallowness!) I have collected some very, very hilarious anti-BB articles though, shall have fun laughing at them in my next post ;-P

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Cosmic justice, prepaid debt and debt payable

This crazy little thread in HPFGU, on top of confirming my suspicion that folks there don't necessarily debate any more sensibly than those in any other forum (I mean, Dudley's "fat, ugly face"??? Come on!!!), also got me thinking about the way 'comeupance' seems to work in Rowling's universe.

Prior to HBP, I'd often thought that Rowling's well-known "dislike" for Draco, and her seeming slight "irritation" for this character's having a sizable fanclub was unwarranted and really quite puzzling. I mean, she never voiced her concern for the *real* "sexy bad boys" whose RL counterparts would cause the female population a lot of grief gaining legions of fangirls- Sirius Black and (to a lesser extent) James Potter, I am looking at you. And as for having fans despite being a meanie to Harry? Severus Snape certainly beats Draco in that department.
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Hello. I am a reforming lunatic.

I would always remember year 2005 as a series of personal crisis, of happenings that should so get written into the script of one really sinister TV drama show. The last week of the year surely has lived up to the high disastrous standard of its 51 predecessors, it drove me to a point where people learnt to speak to me from at least 6 feet away (so they could run when I began to bark and show tendency to bodily attack), but luckily it ended with a mission impossible sort of achieved, and me confessing having been a psychotic bitch because I freak under pressure to everyone who had the misfortune to work with me in the past few... er... months.

One of the auditors we hired, bless her, her lips would actually tremble (from anger? from fear?) when she had to ask me to provide documents or answer her questions. I swear I am not being overdramatic when I say people at my workplace consider me a complete monster who deserves to die from twelve thousand paper cuts.

But I've seen the error of my ways. No really! My new year resolutions include to take a deep breath and smile (however ugly the smile would be) whenever the desire to yell, bite, be otherwisely unpleasant arises. And if I shall fail again, I ask you to please consider forms of execution other than via paper cuts. They are purely inhumane, even when applied to someone like me.

Happy New Year!
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GOF movie, etc etc etc

So the past two months I was supposed to live in semi-seclusion studying hard for the darn CFA exam (which, went *horrible*, by the way), resisting such temptations as fandom, internet or basically anything at all entertaining- but turned out the ONLY sarcrifice I actually made was seeing GOF two weeks after the whole planet had seen it ^^;;; I've however come to the sad realization, that I'm pretty much labeled "the crazy HP woman" by human beings around me.

-Mid-November, at work-

Co-worker K: When is the Harry Potter movie released again?
Me: 18th, this Friday.
Co-worker K: Tell me if the Harry Potter movie is good next Monday then.
Me: Well you know about that test I'm taking, I haven't even gone through one third of the material once by now, so I won't go see the movie until after the test...
Co-worker K: *snerk* Yeah. Right. So remember to tell me if the movie is good next Monday.

-Thanksgiving dinner, the moment I stepped into my aunt's place-

9-year and 11-year-old cousins of mine: (Together)&$*#(&$)#so have you$#&($)#Goblet of fire&$#(@#so good!!!And Mad-eye-Moody is so gay!!!
Me: No I haven't because... WHAT?! Who is so gay?! And do you even know what 'gay' means?
9-year-old brat: (winks) It means happy, doesn't it?
11-year-old brat: I can't believe you haven't seen it yet! Don't you usually go see it on the first night?
Me: Yeah... well you see there is this test thingy...
9-year-old brat: This movie is full of adult humor. It is the darkest among the series so far. Oh Karkaroff is very gay too.
Me: (weeps) Can you talk like a normal 9-year-old? And why is Karkaroff gay too???

-Last Saturday, in front of the theater-

Friend J: I still can't believe you'd place the test before Harry Potter.
Me: For the 100th time, you do know, since you've passed the darn test yourself, that it costed me more than 1000 bucks just to register and that it's held only once a year?
Friend J: But common sense had never stopped you from doing stupid things before, especially when it came to Harry Potter! It's like I don't even know who you are anymore...
Me: ...just shut the fuck up, okay?

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