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16 September
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  • _roxyfox_@livejournal.com
Helooooaaaaaa,,,, i am roxxxy foxx! how do u do? this is my first live journal thingyy so be niccee! thank youuuaaa
i like purrtyy things, like the sea, it smiles so beautifully glints in your eyee :)
i like emo boyys they r soo purrtty, i want to watch them crry about stars and lock them in cagges :)
bandss i likeee * bLink 182 (pllweease don't laaaugh i luff them)* horrorpopsss *(i LoOOovee RockaBily :):):) )* H0le------->CoUrTNEY lOvE, THe DistilleRS,,,, BroDy rOcKS mY sOcKs..... JACK*OFF*JILL...... NO dOuBt.....TSUNAMI bOMb....THe StaRTINg line and Yellowcard (My eMo bands :))* i likkeee goinng to gigggsss and beating people.....BeaATing them Cuz I hurrrt.... i likeee punk mosh pitts,,,, RaNcID hurrrt but was goood,,, i See AloT of BaNDS,,.... Punk MosTlyyy.... PUnK ROCK***
ARvil Langvinee RuINed PUNK rOck* SHE wIll dIe On A rOPE for Her PaIns AgAiNSt THE WoRlD.............
I lIKe pretty PiCTuresss .... But I HaV no pReTTy onesss....
I like bIKING rIDinG
and enjoy kissinG bOYS pReEettty BwoYS
i LovE my FriEnDS sooo MucH thEY R like Sistaaa'z
I eNjoyy listening tO CouRtNEY WAIl Cuz Her LOvE iS gONNE.... No one UnDErStAnddSS
bRoDY is THe VOiCE that willllll giVe uuUuu hoPe AgainIst the WOrld,,,, tEll THEM TO FU*CK OFF
THey doN'T dEsREvE aNy of youuu