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i just forgot you where there [Nov. 21st, 2004|04:52 pm]
[mood |jealousjealous]

I forget things when he is there, i forget there are people behind me, someone holding my hand, someone laughing at him, someone standing by his side, forget my best friend is looking on in amazment at what an idiot i'm being.
I forget to be nice to him, its much easier just to kick him and shout "O DAVEY I HATE YOU" at the top of my voice. And i don't understand why.
O yeah jealously that might be it, And the best way to to get over someone is to find someone else? Well thats a lie, because all you can think about is how the new person isn't him. And never will be, But get over? to be quite honest it never really began, I'm just waiting for it to start, But it won't if i keep pushing him away, Its like a tug of war, We both end up covered in mud and regrets everytime we meet. When i shout i hate you in a silent street. i Mean the opposite, Its quite clear inside my head...
So i'm writing this shit, but i'll never let him read it, last time i tried to tell him how i feel i fucked up big time, ended with a "FUCK OFF" on his part. sticks and stones? Words will always help me. i Liked the way he apologized for that, "I'm not entirely sober, and i've been told i should say sorry" great one on his part. I hope he knows i'm listening to all his shit, i'll sit and wait, one day he'll realise what he means to me, CORRECTION what he could mean to me, like i said it ever really began, so doesn't that mean it could never really end? stuck like this for ever? O here comes the "emo", i never stop thinking about what could be, all the hidden meaning in the hello he said to me. Hidden meanings? yeah i'm sure... i hope he realises ? or do i like playing his game, MY game. My game never began, his game never began..o the emos back again. I'll pretend i've never felt this way? But i may be lying, maybe its just the wrong mistake at the right time.
I flipped a coin, it said he'd love me one day, How can i beleive a piece of metal that spins through the air? well i do, its not even fate its stupidity, but i don't care.
I'll waste my time trapping myself in my own spiderwebs hes not even spinning them, i've lead myself on But in somebody elses words "I can't help believing"
Nah nah nah nah nah "i just forgot you were there"
MAybe for always, MAybe For never
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Punkrock valentines? [Nov. 10th, 2004|05:01 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |The t.v]

*keep talking down to me, losing what was almost meant to be* - starting line

12th febuary 2005, punk rock valentines
i will find whats lost inside.
waiting forever
and ever
for what could almost never be
searching for every star fallen
wishing on everything forgotten
still smiling
holding back the tears of past years
One day it will be the best
the one i'll never forget
because you'll be by my side
forever and ever, still wishin'*

'Jus a little something, i just thought of :)'
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(no subject) [Nov. 1st, 2004|08:17 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |eastenders]

I'm just so damn bored
everything is the same
why is everything the same?
why would you no, ure a computer.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxI'M JUST SO DAMN BORED, i'm am So boredxoxoxoxoxoxox
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2004|03:24 pm]
*I'll wait till the day i die
for you to realise
i don't love you
but i could
*I'm still listening to all your shit*
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2004|03:03 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Motion city soundtrack - My favorite accident]

havn't written for sooooo long ....... do u feel neglected? *look at me i'm talking to my computer o i'm so damn kewl*
aww some boys really suck
but some boys really rock
HALOWEEENN :) woppwoppp WOOO!!
i wish i had a unicorn :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2004|06:08 pm]

_roxyfox_, your inner fairy is known as Rosalbe

Click here to find about about your inner fairy. Created by mwah.co.uk

A bit about your friends

Rhoswen Demon makes you smile
Raisa Ice Witch excites you
Raisa Ice Witch looks up to you
Rhoswen Demon thinks about you more than you think about them

A quick story about you

"And who are you boy?" Alvine Sniggleplop asked me. Her weak eyes did not recognize my much-changed face and form. I told her I was her son but she did not believe me. "If you are the son that left so many days ago, and if you are the one who brought back this jade figure of father, then you are the one who will be able to restore him to his normal shape." She flicked her wrist and flung the jade piece at me.

After all this time away, it seemed a mirage in a desert of hopelessness. My disbelief vanished when I saw Alvine Sniggleplop appear at the door of our small, cramped home of decaying wood. Home, I was finally home.

The mists cleared away and the soil grew cold and silent. In place of the menace that blinded my sight was a small jade figure of Nixie Wing, wearing his leather-bottomed shoes and ring. So it was there that I put Nixie Wing's bones to rest and took the jade figure in his place.

I had no choice but to leave. Out, away from home was the only place I could go. The wind rustled the walls of our wooden shack, but neither Raisa Ice Witch nor Raisa Ice Witch stirred from their deep slumbers. I put only a small piece of bread and a snippet of dried meat in my satchel, fastened my shoes, and quietly walked out of my home, our small wooden home, into the wind and fog that enveloped me into the night.

I told them that the good graces gave me whatever I had.

Click here to find about about your inner fairy. Created by mwah.co.uk
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LallaLALALalalaLAalallaLALALa [Aug. 31st, 2004|05:52 pm]
[music |hole - violet]

just got back from reading yesturdayyyyy AHHHHH BEST THING EVER i got on the big screen thingyyy twicee!! :D:D SAW SO MANY EMO BOI'S ALL ARE SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLL :D:D:D
BILLIE JOE!! OMIGOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD i amlost died in the mosh pitt i got soooo squashed i threw up and almost fainted but i would not move untill greenday finished... HE SANG SHOUT!! awww i loveerrrr him :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 18th, 2004|02:38 pm]
[music |hole - northen star]

gOIng too propaganda tonightttt!! camilla is very excited bless herr!!! hope *steve* is there!!!! Wowooooooooo***
I LOVE YOU COURTNEY fuck this song gives me shivers*
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(no subject) [Aug. 17th, 2004|08:07 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |hobly city muuusiccc]

lalalaa todaay i went on a bike ridee!! went for about 10 miles.... veryy sunnyy then started to rainnn! so we had our picnic on a patch of stinging nettlessss..OuCh*
hopping emo might be online...but nooooooo he hass a life damn him!!! :) :) :) <3333333
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2004|07:25 pm]
i posted this on kitty radio and they were all soo mean to me!!! :'(((( hope u r nicer :) xxxx

"Dark nights live for me"

"Vampire eyes they cover me,
black crows sing sorrow for me
silence of the children
sends them to sleep

I like the violin that
plays your sorrow
it soothes broken bones
and birds sing so sweet

Eye lashes that flutter
like butterflies wings
sugar spice that cumbles at my feet
its so cliche so say these things

and I talk about everything

Dig me out,
i’ve fallen in
suck me out
dark nights live for me

Cut me free
neon lights flicker
when you rise
cut me free
neon lights flicker
when I open my eyes

I want to cut the beauty
from your face
beauty that screams fake
fake fake fake

Dig me out,
i’ve fallen in
suck me out
dark nights live for me

Summer eagles
they peck at your eyes
hate me, cuz I love your face
last song is everything
and dark nights live for me

murder murder me in the dark
I just want yor hands on mine
sleep tight, sweet sorrow
horror trips on neon lights

yeh horror trips on neon lights
Dark nights live for me...."
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