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О чем вижу, о том и фотографирую

...Но если по дороге - куст
Встает, особенно - рябина...
(Марина Цветаева, 1934)

...But if there is a shrub by the road,
Especially a rowan...
(Marina Tsvetaeva, "Homesickness", 1934)
This is a literal translation of the last two lines of the poem. There is a translation by Elaine Feinstein, but I don't think it's available online.

(Also, for English-speaking readers who are interested to know more about Tsvetaeva: the wikipedia article is, unfortunately, not the best source of information. Marina Tsvetaeva had a very complex life. Putting stress on one or another aspect of it changes the picture quite a bit. It's better to start by reading her own autobiographic prose (available online) and, of course, the poems.)

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