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Your LJ Team Rocket
Name / Username
Your Partner is: James
You fear: Domino
Your Pokemon is: Pikachu
How you will die: Tragic incident involving a Rhydon
Who will mourn you; James
Your Rank; Agent
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What pokemon pornstar are you?
Your name
Your age
Your favorite color
Your favorite 3 letter word
You are a dugtrio
You like to teach your fans how to fold oragami
You made ___ for you last job $333.70
% of times you've lost a job due to your lack of sexyness - 63%
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What pokemon trainer are you most like
Your name:
Do you have allies:
Your Age:
Your age when you became a trainer:
Have you ever be in trouble with Officer Jenny
The type you train is: dark
You are: a strong trainer
Your team is: Team Rocket
Your pokemon love: - 1%
You have this many pokemon: 419
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LJ Username
Do you wear hats a lot?
Your first Pokemon is: Squirtle
You raise it to level: 5
You defeat a gang of Pokemon thieves called: the Super Mario Bros.
Whose leader is: Ash Ketchum
For your heroism, you are awarded: $876,216.93
Your rival is: Error
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cocolate milk= I like it

Some Lists

People I'm afraid of:
5. Corey Feldman
4. Patrick Duffy
3. David Hasselhoff
2. Chuck Norris
1. David Bowie

People I'm not afraid of:
5. Mr. T
4. Captain Lou
3. My Mom
2. Tim Burton
1. Jhonen Vasquez

Cartoon Characters I might have had a crush on at some point:
10. Bill from Sitting Ducks
9. Alvin the Chipmunk
8. Link for the Legend of Zelda animated Series
7. the Elric Brothers
6. Bloo
5. Dib
4. Max from Goof Troop
3. Beast Boy
2. Brock
1. James from Team Rocket

Video Game Characters I might have had a crush on at some point:
5. Ganondorf...
4. Axel from Kingdom Hearts
3. Irvine from FF8
2. Zelos from Tales
1. Daxter

Movies I Love:
5. The original Star Wars trilogy
4. Muppets Treasure Island
3. Hercules
2. Aladdin
1. Nightmare Before Christmas

Movies I like but no one else does:
5. Lumpkin the Pumpkin
4. Boo to You too Winnie the Pooh (well, Cath liked this one...)
3. Fern Gully
2. The Black Cauldron
1. Lion King 2

Favorite Pokemon:
5. Squirtle
4. Skitty
3. Charmander
2. Pichu
1. Charizard

Things People should get me as a gift:
5. pocky
4. Xbox360
3. DSlite
2. PS3
1. Wii

People I Love:
5. The people who work at Nintendo
4. My Parents
3. Richie
2. Shelly and Grandma
1. Victor
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The kid from the Labyrinth must have a hard life.

"Billy, clean your room."
"Why don't you call the muppets and have them clean my room? Huh, mom?"
"William, don't start this again."
"Why don't you call freakin' Ziggy Stardust and have him come over and clean my room?"
"No! You know what, no! I hate you. Just leave me alone."
"Billy, I'm sorry I let David Bowie dance with you when you were a baby..."
"It's too late for sorrys, mom. You sold me to David Bowie and the Muppets. You gave them your infant son. It's to late for sorrys..."
"But, Billy..."
"I hate David Bowie! I hate muppets! I hate you.... I hate myself... magic dance..." Breaks into sobs.

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cocolate milk= I like it

Death of Me, yet?

Dear World of the Living,

If you're wondering why I'm not at school it's because I was mauled by a giraffe and after five hours of having test done on me at the hospital I chewed through some chords that were feeding into my arm, I found out later they were "important". So, I flat lined. But that's alright.
My lifeless body was put into the temporary morgue below the hospital where it was then stolen by a crazed lunatic. He took my corpse to the mansion of this mad scientist and sold it for 10 shillings, not noticing that shillings aren't very useful in New Jersey.
The mad scientist, who everyone in the manor affectionately refers to as Doc Henry, brought me back to life as some sort of Zombie like creature. The process itself actually tickles quite a bit. There's nothing like having an electrical serge sent through your body and some mysterious green liquid pumped into your veins.
Being dead isn't anything like I expected it to be. I'm not rotting or anything, my skin has turned even paler than it was though, if it could be any paler. But there's been no cravings for brains and human flesh. In fact, being dead has made me eat healthier. Just an hour ago, Doc Henry and I enjoyed a light salad and watched this old Beauty and the Beast VHS we found while looking though the boxes in the east sector of the lab.
But, to all my friends and family, don't worry. There will be a funeral service for me sometime next week. I won't be there of course. It will be closed casket and the coffin will be filled with pudding and rocks to give it weight. Everyone who attends will get a gift bag containing a copy of my obituary and plastic dinosaur figurines!
Well, I must be going. Doc Henry and I are going water skiing and then some of the evil robots in the lab want to have a fondue party and I never pass up the chance to dip food in other really hot melty food.

Good Bye Forever,

P.S. Could someone feed my cat
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Quote of a Mad Man

JV denying the rumor that he married a Lawyer:

She wasn’t a lawyer so much as she was a lady eating a pigeon in front of the Quizno’s, and I didn’t so much marry her as I did ask her why she was eating the pigeon.

Someday I hope to meet this wonderful man. When I do I will probably lick his face and then my heart will explode.
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Link saves the day.

(no subject)

I just finished a geometry project I've been working on for about 8 hours. I had to tessellate a bunch of shapes onto a 20x15 piece of oak tag. We could pick any shape we wanted... I picked Pokemon. So I just had to make over a hundred little Pokemon tiles, decorate them, and glue them into a 300insquared piece of poster board.
I drank 5 cans of mountain dew and drank 2 cups of tea because I still have more homework to do and I might not get any sleep tonight which would suck majorly because I'm supposed to go see this play tomorrow night. Arg.
But I did have a stunning realization:

Why would they say "happy as a clam"? Clams aren't generally happy. In fact Clams don't have brains large enough to register feelings like happiness and sadness. Even if clams did have the ability to feel emotion I doubt they would be happy. They live under the ocean in cold sand and mud. Sand gets stuck inside them and forms pearls which people kill them for in order to make necklaces. Clams with out pearls are in for an even worse fate because they either get cooked while they're still alive or eaten raw. So clams are killed for jewelry, cooked, burned in stomach acid, and of cause those who don't die like that are eaten by otters or spend their lives in the muck on the sea floor. Happy as a clam.

I'm covered in glue and my cat is trying to eat pikachu paper cut outs. I think there's a scrap of paper in my boxers and I feel like there are spiders all over my feet. It doesn't help that my good glasses are being fixed and I have to wear my old ones. Everything is blurry and itchy. I'm happy as a clam if clams had feelings.
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Link saves the day.

Weekend is over...

I made sea salt icecream. It's one in the morning.
I should stop playing pokemon and go to sleep.
Meowth, that's right.
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Link saves the day.

(no subject)

Alright, so, I was ordering a leotard for this cosplay I want to do. Raven from teen titans, but anyway... I started thinking, What if some guy want to have his picture taken with me or something because I'm dressed like a character he has a crush on. I should charge money.
A scene then played in my head.

Nerdy Guy: Hey, I was wondering If I could take a picture of you?
Me (dressed as Raven): I charge for that...
Nerdy Guy: How much?
Me: Well, do you have a Holographic Charizard Pokemon card?
Nerdy guy: Yeah... but it's Charizard...
Me: I'll let you kiss me in the picture.

Then I snapped back to normal thinking and my brain was just in awe. I started thinking "What would you do for a Charizard card?" I wonder if Pokemon Card prostitution is a real thing? I remember a while back there was a guy who would molest kids but give them Pokemon cards so they didn't care. The power of cute yet powerful japanese cartoon animals amazes me.
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