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"Hey,... ::looks around::...is that bee's??"

Fuck Bee's!

15 March
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Ver. 1
--Name: Julie
--Birthdate: march, 15th
--Birthplace: Leominster MA
--Current Location: my bedroom
--Eye color: it changes
--Hair color: brownish/blonde
--Height: 5'8"
--Righty or Lefty: lefty
--Zodiac Sign: pisces lol. -- the dragon or something like that
--Innie or Outtie: innie

// Ver. 2 - Describe
--Your Heritage: Greek and German
--The Shoes You Wore Today: my slippers.
--Your Weakness: emotions
--Your Fears: getting attatched to someone, and then losing them
--Your Perfect Pizza: spinach alfredo
--One thing You'd Like to Achieve: to be happy.

// Ver.3
--What is your most overused phrase?: gosh
--Your first thoughts waking up: what time is it?
--The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: probably their face
--Your best physical features: hair and eyes
--Your bedtime: whenever i feel like it.
--Your Most Missed Memory: too many

// Ver.4
--Pepsi or Coke: coke
--McDonald's or Burger King: the BK lounge
--Single or Group Dates: either can be fun
--Adidas or Nike: adidas
--Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
--Cappuccino or coffee: cappuccino
--Boxers or Briefs: boxers.

// Ver.5
--Do you smoke?: not anymore
--Cuss?:all the time
--Sing Well?: i guess?
--Do you think you've been in love?: yeah
--Want to go to college: of course
--Liked High School?: so far its alright
--Want to get married?: sometime in the future
--Type with fingers on the right keys: yeah, somewhat
--Get motion sickness: no, not really.
--Think you're attractive: not really
--Think you're a health freak: not at all
--Get along with parents: recently, yeah.
--Like Thunderstorms: love 'em

// Ver.6 - in the past month, did/have you:
--Consumed Alcohol: uhm, i think so..?
--Had Sex:nope
--Go To the Mall: of course
--Eaten an entire box of Oreos: had a good portion of em
--Eaten Sushi: hell no
--Gone Skating: nope
--Made Homemade cookies: yepp
--Been in Love: no
--Gone Skinny Dipping: oh no
--Dyed your hair: no, suprisingly
--Stolen Anything:nope

// Ver.7
--Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: uh-hu
--Been trashed or completely intoxicated: not that i can recall, lol
--Been caught "doing something"?: yeah
--Been Called a "Tease": nope
--Shoplifted?: lol

// Ver.8
--Age you hope to be married?: by 23
--Numbers and Names of Children?: oh man
--Describe your dream wedding: something small.
--How do you want to die?: in my sleep
--Where do you want to go to college: somewhere warm
--What do you want to be when you grow up?: arizona